Summery Saturday Morning

Nice short week with the stat holidays, etc. I had now read volume one of The Absolute Sandman and have started in on volume two. I compared the art in Doll’s House to the original trade paperback and the difference was astounding. I think the difference will become less marked as I go though, since it was only the really early stuff that was really ropey but still. Lovely lovely big leather bound books full of prettiness and wonderful stories.

I have just this morning finished a notebook. I have filled this notebook with the first part of my new novel and I appear to be writing this one chronologically as the lead character talks in my head. So easy, so good. I am beginning to think of my first novel in quite scathing ‘first novel’ terms though, so it will be good to catch up with C tomorrow and hear what she has to say about it.

At the boxing day sales I got four more DVDs Black Snake Moan, Rent*, The Protector (for Lee) and Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang. I got the boxed set of all the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants books for $40 and the new book in the Michelle Paver Torak series, called Outcast.

I also picked up the Little Golden Book called The Sailor Dog because it is pure nostalgia to look at the pictures and read the words. Love it to bits.

I also bought myself a couple of summer dresses at the big Ezibuy sale and a $5 tshirt that shall be altered. I got the board shorts I wanted and a pair of Shelley’s ballet flats that I have been coveting all year.
Christmas and Boxing Day are so much consumer-driven fun!

Now it is another stunningly sunny day and I want to go out in it. But I shall continue writing. Or I shall type up what I have written already and then I can give you a word count.

PoF: pjs again. I love my pjs.
CO: weekending
*I did have Rent previously, but I somehow lost the disc. I bought the new copy for $7.50.

Another Christmas over

I’m feeling pretty contented this year, I’ve had none of that post-Christmas disappointment that I normally do.
Hosting Christmas turned out to be fine, we had delicious bacon, eggs, kranskies and croissants for brunch and then snacked way too much on cookies and chocolates and stuff. As you do.

Present-wise I was very spoiled, my lovely Lee gave me volume one of Absolute Sandman which I accidentally found out I was getting a couple of weeks ago. What I didn’t know is that he’d organised his family to go in together and get me the second volume as well! I also got lovely gifts from my friends and family, books, chocolates, the nerdiest tshirt ever, food things, a little art block thingie and DVDs (boxed set of Rome.

I didn’t manage to sleep properly after 6am, dumb excitement. It was wonderful seeing all my family and all Lee’s family as well though, there were 20 people at dinner! And still way too much food leftover!

It was also lovely catching up with so many of my friends on Sunday and feeding them lebkuchen with Giffy’s lemon icing on it. Yum!
Today: The Boxing Day sales, then Golden Compass at 4.30. Then back to Lee’s parents to help them eat the leftovers. Hoo boy.

PoF: PJs
CO: Absolute Sandman is so pretty!

also, I am totally addicted to the superheroes game on Facebook. Man it’s good.

entry 1100

A list of things that I liked as a kid and are still great:

-Watching ducks on the pond.
-Pink icing biscuits with hundred and thousands on them
-Duck Tales, the TV show
-Chocolate finger biscuits
-The carol “away in a manger”

A list of things that I liked as a kid, but aren’t any good now that I have grown up:

-Luncheon meat
The Pirate Movie
-Fairy bread
-The carol “Rudolph the red nosed reindeer”

PoF: sharks
CO: Christmas!

Night Divine

I really love Christmas carols. I just discovered last night that I have “The Best Christmas Album in the World Ever” and have been listening to it ever since.

I have now read Jynx by Meg Cabot, and it was very good. A little darker than her Princess Diaries, but not as dark as the Mediator stuff. I’m quite invested in the characters now and I’m hoping for a sequel.
I have also (finally) read the latest Y: the Last Man trade paperback, called Motherland. It was surprising. Very good, touching on old characters I thought we’d left behind, but with some significant plot developments as well. Must pass it to Hix on Sunday.

It feels like our sunny hot weather is back, after an astonishingly cold week with rain and Southerlies. I am happy about that.
Don’t have much news, I’m working a six day week this week, so that I can have Christmas Eve off to prepare for hosting Christmas. It is harder than I thought it’d be, but I think that’s just because I’ve been having trouble sleeping this week. I got a great sleep last night and am feeling heaps better.

Big earthquake last night. 6.8 and centered just South of Gisborne. It went for ages!
I think I shall type up some of my new book now.

PoF: robot pjs
CO: so warm in the sun

who wants to be a millionaire?

We finished playtesting Seraph’s Kapcon scenario last night. It’s a Resident Evil game using the Mountain Witch as a system and it was freaking awesome.

I do rather suspect that The Mountain Witch brings out the worst in me though.

The premise was killer: the PCs are all in prison. They are given a mission; go to Raccoon City and retrieve the retrovirus, and for a reward you get whatever you want. The city is of course overrun with zombies and freaky bio-weapon mutants.
The team is not exactly trustful of each other, to top it off.

I played Dr Abraham Blake, and I wasn’t a nice guy. I was very cold and to the point. My dark secret was that I had a True Motive for being there, and I decided that it would be I was trying to free my family. As it turned out my family had already moved out of state and my daughter was only in the city for a visit.

I managed to save her, but at a cost. Svend’s mobster muscle guy had a Revenge dark secret and it was against me, so I died to save my daughter. Svend shot me in the head. It was cold, but not undeservedly so.

I don’t want to give away any of the story, because it is very fun and I recommend those attending Kapcon see if they can play in it.
So. Cool fun cool times. I am working through writing a Fruits Basket roleplaying game and Hix gave me a great idea last night for writing Tohru up, so that’s awesome too.

Wrote some more of my new novel yesterday, and am getting close to filling up the notebook. Nearly.

PoF: My turn
CO: sleepy. So very sleepy.


My sister is moving to Rarotonga. In about five weeks, less maybe. It’s a bit scary, a bit exciting. It’s a fantastic opportunity for her husband over there and it’s going to be so cool to be able to go over there and visit them and stay in their house.

Anyways, I am all planned for Christmas. Presents are wrapped and crammed under the tree and my tree is all covered in decorations and candy canes I got from my work.

Our gifts from work were super awesome.

I read Fruits Basket volume 22 and there is only one to go. I am now desperate for the last one so that I can have the whole series finished, but at the same time I really don’t want it to finish at the same time. Conflicted.
I also read the new Jacqueline Wilson book Kiss which I liked a lot.

Now I am reading Jynx by Meg Cabot which is basically The Craft in book form and written by Meg, whom I love.

PoF: skirt
CO: woop woop

More on writing

Since C has my first novel manuscript and there’s nothing I can do on it currently, I am powering (‘scuse the pun) through my second book. A chick-lit about a superhero. (See the pun now?)

I have named her Shelly Gold and I am writing it from her point of view which is just *so* much easier than third person. It’s literally flowing out of me when I write it and I’ve filled more than half a wee moleskine notebook with her neurotic ramblings. It’s all very exciting, a new relationship where everything is new and intriguing.

Watch me as I keep writing and I get to the difficult stuff and like it a lot less! For now though, me and Shelly are happy together. As soon as I can name the city she is living in I will be content as well.

I finished reading Eclipse this morning, which was better than I had dreaded. I was sad, but satisfied with the steps Bella took emotionally throughout the book. I am maybe even looking forward to the next one.

I am now reading Kiss which is the new Jacqueline Wilson. I have finished Gilmore Girls season two. I am borrowing seasons 3 and 4 from my workmate on Monday. So good!

PoF: Care Bears
CO: wheee!