surprise excercise

Lee and I went out on Monday and bought tennis rackets. and then this week we have played three sessions of ‘tennis’, not really sticking to the rules just hitting the ball back and forth as many times as we can.

Given that I haven’t played tennis since…I don’t know when. Did they make us do it in PE at school? I may have done it in PE a bit, but otherwise I haven’t played since I was a wee child and we had that time share in Taupo. I’m 28 now, so it’s at least 18 years ago now. Gawds. So, given that I haven’t played tennis in so very long I’ve been playing pretty well. I have Wii Tennis to thank for actually knowing the rules now.

So three tennis sessions with Lee and then this morning I was inspired to go for a run, so I did. I managed a good steady slow jog most of the way up Hobson St with a steady breathing and feeling pretty good about myself. On the stretch back along Thorndon Quay though I started to get wicked burning all through my calves and ankles, spreading a bit through the feet so I concentrated on walking home without falling down and had a very painful stretching session.

Good me, getting exercise. Nothing like finding out you’ve put weight on to motivate you to do something about your fitness levels. That and trying on the dress you bought on your honeymoon two years ago that was a smidge too big then and finding it hard to zip up. I’m going to wear it to the family wedding I’m going to next week, so there’s another motivator right there.

In other news I have two new tshirts from Glassons. The breast cancer ones this year are a bit average. I bought the competition winner: a white shirt with a graf-art/ anime style mishmash of characters and words and the Karen Walker racerback with the puppy doing a headstand on it. Cute! I’m a little tempted by the phoenix one but at the same time I find the image vaguely off putting.

PoF: graf art/anime mishmash ;p
CP: summer holiday in one week! 4 days of work to go!


some thoughts, without spoilers.

It’s really very worthwhile to watch all the viral marketing videos and stuff, as it explains things that the movie does not. I can recommend Cloverfield clues as a good place to locate all the viral stuff. Especially their youtube account that collects up all the Jamie and Teddy stuff. Very interesting stuff there.

Don’t go and see it if handheld camera work makes you nauseous. Or, take anti-nausea pills like sealegs before you go in. I was a bit concerned about this aspect of it, but didn’t end up having a problem. A lot of people at our screening on Friday night walked out because of this. One guy sprinted out, perhaps to avert grossness in the cinema.

Do pay attention to the background of shots, even in the ‘flashback’ stuff which the movie was ‘recorded over’.
Don’t go in expecting a standard monster movie. This is a film centred on a few friends and it never gets bigger than that.
I loved this movie, I loved it to bits, but it’s really dividing audiences. I think, as with most things, it comes down to what you expect when you are going in. A lot of annoying teenagers in our screening didn’t seem to like it at all. I thought they just didn’t know what to expect. Lee thought maybe it was all too direct, too close to being personal for them. Either way, it may be best to go in expecting nothing. And don’t see it if monster movies don’t interest you at all.

I think Cleolinda has it right when she said this movie couldn’t have been made even five years ago. The suspension of disbelief rests on your familiarity with the youtube phenomenon. That is: everything must be documented, everything must be recorded no matter what.

This movie scared the shit out of me, but it also made me very excited. I’d say that JJ Abrams anti-marketing (i.e. all viral, no reveal) campaign worked very well.

PoF: I’m lounging in my PJs and there is nothing you can do about it.
CO: I have eaten bacon and eggs. All is right with the world.

Kapcon 17 day two

I felt horrific on Sunday morning. I had a serious LARP hangover, something much much worse than I’ve ever experienced from such an experience: my legs were aching, my mouth was persistently dry and sandy, my head aching and whirly and I was completely spaced out.

So, my Fruits Basket game was not what I would call ideal. It was a fantastic group of players, but we were all I think, a little worse for wear. I’m not sure why but I feel disappointed in this game and I think it’s completely that I’m disappointed with myself. I tried though, and it was funny and cool and everyone seemed to have fun.

Ayame: Yuki! Just because I was bad to you as a child doesn’t mean that you can be mean to Tohru now!
Yuki: why are you on school grounds?
Ayame: I paid for this sports event!

Akito re: Tohru’s school friends: all these girls in your house, who are they?
Yuki: friends of Kyo’s.

Ayame: The winner of the race/card game/eating competiton wins this dress!

After that round I went to the airport to say goodbye to my sister and brother in law and 1 year old niece. It was sad.

Last round at Kapcon was Nick’s Matt Damon game. I had tossed up whether to play this or Scott’s Little Fears game, but had figured that my brain couldn’t cope with anything anything remotely thought-requiring.

Around the table we had Departed Matt, Jason Bourne, Titan AE Matt (with the +4 trait of kick-ass girlfriend) Loki from Dogma, Ocean’s 12 Matt with severe Daddy issues, Good Will Hunting smart Matt and me, Matt from School Ties. We had to rescue Ben Affleck. It was seriously amazingly crack smokingly hilarious. There was a point when my stomach started giving me pains because I was laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe.

I don’t expect these quotes will be terribly funny to anyone who wasn’t in the game, but I felt I had to share them with those who were in the game 🙂

Departed!Matt to SchoolTies!Matt: Kid, this is how it’s done. Crack! Crack! Crack! (shooting bad guys)
ST!Matt: why are you saying crack over and over again? Are you on drugs?
D!M: No!
ST!M: Can I have some?
D!M: Only if you give me a lot of money. MATT DAMON!

O12!M: I have Daddy Issues! My father doesn’t love me!
ST!Matt: Yeah, I’ll never be good enough for my Father, he’s a successful lawyer.
TitanAE!Matt: My father saved the world! How can I ever live up to that?
Dogma!Matt: *my* father rejected me. And he’s everywhere! He’s everyone’s father!

TitanAE!Matt: I can fix anything!
ST!M: except the relationship with your father.

Ocean’s12!Matt:George Clooney! Why don’t you love me?

A cellphone is FedExed to Ocean’s12!Matt, it rings, he answers it.
On the phone: It’s Jason Bourne! Duck now! Now! Take 3 steps to the left! Stand up! Is there a guy who looks like me there?
(Having followed Jason’s instructions, O12!Matt is now facing Will Hunting)
O12!M: Yes!
JB: Kiss him on the cheek! Don’t ask questions! There’s no time!
D!M takes the phone: who is this?
JB has hung up.

In the Arctic we had to fight polar bears, SchoolTies!Matt and Will Hunting shared a ski-do, having bonded over being the only two Matts wearing ties and blazers.
Will: I think I’ve figured out an equation that will keep the freezing ice out of tweed!
O12!M: What? That can’t be done!
ST!M: He knows the formula for tweed, ok? That’s how smart he is!

GM: how are you going to take out your polar bear?
ST!M: I could flick a cigarette at it?
Fraser: that’ll do it, polar bears are highly flammable, that’s why they live in the Arctic.
GM: They’re full of glycerine, that’s why they sometimes look a bit green.

Jason Bourne: I thrust Ben Affleck at you!
ST!M: who?
JB: you!
ST!M: I receive the thrust of Ben.

O12: I’m going to eat George Clooney’s liver.
JB: when did you become Silence of the Lambs Matt Damon?

Kapcon 17

My annual Kapcon write up will now commence. I had a strange Kapcon, I think because it’s the first time I’ve not gone to every session, the first time I’ve had to run out and do stuff and then run back. Interrupted.

Saturday morning I picked up my friend Soph, a Kapcon virgin, and we arrived at Kapcon earlier than it turned out we needed to. That’s alright, we were able to help out Paul by arranging the prize table all pretty like.

It’s neat on Saturday morning as everyone arrives, catching up with friends whom I don’t see too often, some of them only once a year at Kapcon, some a little more often. I was wearing my “That’s how I roll” D20 tshirt that B gave me for Christmas, cut up and re-sewn into a halter neck.

First round was Yesterday’s Woe, a new installment of Dale’s amazing Mutants and Masterminds serial featuring Captain Hope, Professor Eternity et al. It was all sorts of awesome, with Norm playing Hope, me as Eternity, J as our son, Nick as Salvo, Nasia as Sky, another super child and Gareth playing Ground Zero. It’s just such a fun set of characters.

It started off at a comics convention with us all doing signings and facing fans dressed up as us….some quotes.
Dale: The problem is that there are several Daniel Hopes.
Captain Hope: I gather them all up!

Sexy model calling to Captain Hope: why don’t you write to me any more?
Eternity: You’ve been writing to her?
Hope: Yeah, I should maybe go over there…
Eternity: Yes, you should find out why you’re not writing to her any more.
Hope: Yes, I…what?

Daniel: I’m going to entertain some cancer kids by setting my arm on fire!

Hope (thinks he’s dying): Tell….Daniel….I love him.
Eternity (healing him with a gadget): You can tell him yourself in a minute.
Hope (readjusts camera fixed to his head for reality TV): Tell….Daniel…I love him
Eternity: Gods, you’re such a drama queen!

In the second session I ran Best Friends with a fine bunch of players. After flirting with all girl Lord of the Rings or some trad fantasy setting we settled on Robyn Hood and her merry maids. This was great gender bending fun with Girl of Gisborne and Man Martin as NPCs.

There were a lot of pop culture references throughout including Pimp my ponycart, ‘My Humps’ being played on a lute and a re-imagining of ‘the milkshake song’ about honeycombs. It was so funny that at times I was crying. That’s a successful game in my book.

Robyn: Mince away! As fast as you can!
Robyn doing a victory dance at the archery contest while disguised as a crone: Oh baby! Who’s your Daddy? Ow my hip! Ow my hip!

a character called Much produced a huge amount of hilarious puns, particularly when one character became jealous and asked the man she was seeing “Are you seeing Much behind my back?”

The LARP ‘Sanctuary’ was very cool, lots and lots of great outfits, lots of people who had plots and intrigues, lots of cross dressing (some very convincing) lots of marriages and fun times.

My goal was simply to find out who I was, and I did that after about an hour and a half, so that was good. I’m not sure I loved the larp more than last year’s one, I am torn as to whether I like being a major plot point, or whether I’d rather run around like last year and focus on the romance stuff…meh. It was fun to act like a Disney Princess all night.

I also had a lot of fun hanging out with Nick and Giffy who were playing bickering barbarian brother and sister, and looked totally awesome as well.

PoF: pjs
CO: bacon and eggs


I heard about this graf artist called Banksy on the radio, he’s sold an artwork on a wall for about 40,000 pounds. He’s apparently a very famous artist, but I’m not exactly up with the art scene so he was new to me.

The beauty thing about him selling that artwork is that the buyer has to pay for the wall its on to be removed and then rebuilt. Apparently his work is all over London walls and I really want to travel there so that I can see it in real life.

Check out his amazing website: Banksy. I especially love the ‘outside’ stuff, although the way the site works (scrolling sideways) was a little hard for me to sort out just at first.

Oh, and I do believe this is the guy who does the images from famous movies with bananas instead of guns. Nick has the tshirt 🙂

PoF: Gir
CO: full upset belly

Life decisions

Life decisions are tough. I mean, really. How are we supposed to *know* this stuff?

On the one hand I feel like it should be a clear choice: work harder at work and try for promotions and have a proper ‘career’.
But I’ve wanted to be a writer as long as I can remember (aside from those years when I wanted to be a truck driver or psychologist) and maybe it would be best to cut back a bit on work and focus on producing good writing and getting that published. Re-drafting takes time!

Decisions, decisions.

Alternatively I could just run away from home in a pouffy white dress and become Giselle from Enchanted and see if other people will sing and dance with me.

I have a new laptop. It’s shiny, with a swishy screen that flips around to become a tablet…you know, for if I want to draw as well. It’s fast enough to run Civ4, which is both awesome and a potential major distraction.

PoF: stars
CO: decisions, sister leaving country


I really liked Atonement. It’s a war story, which is always somewhat depressing and awful, and it’s also a love story of the slightly tragic bent.

I suspect I enjoy tragic love stories because it makes me appreciate what I have in my life. It makes me realise that I am very lucky to have Lee and it is highly unlikely that he will be forced to go to war and get blown up, shot or otherwise massacred.

It was a beautiful movie, so well shot and the costumes were so gorgeous (want that green dress!) and I just read that the sequence of James Mcavoy exploring the Dunkirk settlement was one 5 minute long shot. Impressive, and very very cool.

I cried quite a bit, because I am a giant wussy wussbag who cares too much about people who don’t even really exist.

I am reading the second book of the Enola Holmes series, The Left Handed Woman and it’s really good too.

PoF: Raro girl
CO: Nothing much