Kapcon 17

My annual Kapcon write up will now commence. I had a strange Kapcon, I think because it’s the first time I’ve not gone to every session, the first time I’ve had to run out and do stuff and then run back. Interrupted.

Saturday morning I picked up my friend Soph, a Kapcon virgin, and we arrived at Kapcon earlier than it turned out we needed to. That’s alright, we were able to help out Paul by arranging the prize table all pretty like.

It’s neat on Saturday morning as everyone arrives, catching up with friends whom I don’t see too often, some of them only once a year at Kapcon, some a little more often. I was wearing my “That’s how I roll” D20 tshirt that B gave me for Christmas, cut up and re-sewn into a halter neck.

First round was Yesterday’s Woe, a new installment of Dale’s amazing Mutants and Masterminds serial featuring Captain Hope, Professor Eternity et al. It was all sorts of awesome, with Norm playing Hope, me as Eternity, J as our son, Nick as Salvo, Nasia as Sky, another super child and Gareth playing Ground Zero. It’s just such a fun set of characters.

It started off at a comics convention with us all doing signings and facing fans dressed up as us….some quotes.
Dale: The problem is that there are several Daniel Hopes.
Captain Hope: I gather them all up!

Sexy model calling to Captain Hope: why don’t you write to me any more?
Eternity: You’ve been writing to her?
Hope: Yeah, I should maybe go over there…
Eternity: Yes, you should find out why you’re not writing to her any more.
Hope: Yes, I…what?

Daniel: I’m going to entertain some cancer kids by setting my arm on fire!

Hope (thinks he’s dying): Tell….Daniel….I love him.
Eternity (healing him with a gadget): You can tell him yourself in a minute.
Hope (readjusts camera fixed to his head for reality TV): Tell….Daniel…I love him
Eternity: Gods, you’re such a drama queen!

In the second session I ran Best Friends with a fine bunch of players. After flirting with all girl Lord of the Rings or some trad fantasy setting we settled on Robyn Hood and her merry maids. This was great gender bending fun with Girl of Gisborne and Man Martin as NPCs.

There were a lot of pop culture references throughout including Pimp my ponycart, ‘My Humps’ being played on a lute and a re-imagining of ‘the milkshake song’ about honeycombs. It was so funny that at times I was crying. That’s a successful game in my book.

Robyn: Mince away! As fast as you can!
Robyn doing a victory dance at the archery contest while disguised as a crone: Oh baby! Who’s your Daddy? Ow my hip! Ow my hip!

a character called Much produced a huge amount of hilarious puns, particularly when one character became jealous and asked the man she was seeing “Are you seeing Much behind my back?”

The LARP ‘Sanctuary’ was very cool, lots and lots of great outfits, lots of people who had plots and intrigues, lots of cross dressing (some very convincing) lots of marriages and fun times.

My goal was simply to find out who I was, and I did that after about an hour and a half, so that was good. I’m not sure I loved the larp more than last year’s one, I am torn as to whether I like being a major plot point, or whether I’d rather run around like last year and focus on the romance stuff…meh. It was fun to act like a Disney Princess all night.

I also had a lot of fun hanging out with Nick and Giffy who were playing bickering barbarian brother and sister, and looked totally awesome as well.

PoF: pjs
CO: bacon and eggs


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