Mutants and Masterminds: Potential part 3

…part three of the game, part two of the write up.

We shot forward about a month in time. Giselle had dealt with Lawrence’s unwanted affections by sleeping with Lucas. Dell Dell tried to be friends with Lawrence by forcing him to go shopping for bling and playstation games. Lucas had fun with Giselle and Mark kept his head down and fixed a car. The whole gang stayed in the weird alien secret base…which didn’t go so well…

Mark: I think that fucking alien thing is operating on us in our sleep!
(it totally was.)

Traba didn’t like Lucas sleeping with a mere human, so he tried to get him together with another woman. He organised dance parties for us with random kidnapped drunk people.
Lucas: I’m trying to dance with Giselle.
Giselle: I’m trying to dance with lots of other people.

We also started fighting crime, so as to get the public on our side and hopefully get the police off our backs. Giselle and Mark were mostly the instigators and the others started joining in after a while. Giselle and Mark insisted on X-Men style black leather supersuits from Traba but the others let him choose and got terrible gladiator style stuff.

But for concealing our identities…what to call ourselves?
Mark: I think we should be like Spiderman and use the names the public give us.
Giselle: But what if they name me something skanky?

Traba informed us that the superhero virus was flooding our systems and growing everyday.
Mark: let’s hope we don’t get super cancer.

We discovered more about the evil aliens that had infected us and were trying to take over the world. They were called the Groo, so I suggested we call our super group the Groo Fighters.

Then we were lured into a super giant action scene with a huge meteor plummeting to Earth, opening up and releasing a gigantic purple dinosaur.

Dell: I’m looking for something to punch.
Dale the GM: There’s a big burning strut?
Dell: I punch the big burning strut.

I used my emotional powers to make the dinosaur love me. It stopped it rampaging anyway, although it did sit down on a building. A Star Knight super protector came down to sort things out.
Star Knight: Is this yours?
Dell: what?
Star Knight: Gigantasaur.
Dell: Oh that? Nah.
SK: It shouldn’t really be here.
Dell: Yeah the Groos put it there.
Giselle: We’d like it if you took it away.

The bad guys moved in and started trying to kill us. The Star Knight was disabled by them pretty soon, we were not impressed.

Mark: Obviously the job market for Star Knights is poor right now.
Dell: Now who’s the punk? (pushes over the Star Knight.)

We see Heiress, another kid from the detention centre, who was blonde and tall and thin and wore pink.
Jenni: Does she have the power of small dogs in handbags?

Giselle attacks her with super strength after Heiress blasted Mark.
Giselle: Plastic surgery this!
Mark to Lucas: I’ve got a good superhero name for you, Friendly Fire!

The warden was there by this time and we kind of took turns beating him up.
Mark: how do you like this jell-o warden!?
and also….Damn you warden, fry!

Then there was the whole problem of the invading Groo ship that we had to stop…we were up in our ship arguing about what to do.
Traba: It would be easy if I had a bomb, but I don’t have a bomb.
Dell: Yes you do! I’m the bomb!

Lucas decides to give up his life essence to the ship to power him up: You may have an infusion of me.
Giselle: Gay.
Dell: Yo! Groo brain! (Punches the brain operating the ship.)

Once he’d destroyed it, we got out of the ship and back to Earth and that was it. We’d saved the world and looked good doing it. Well, I looked good anyway.

It was an amazing game and I loved it to bits. All of us were psyched to continue playing so maybe when Dale gets back to the country in three years we can pick up the characters in three years.

2 thoughts on “Mutants and Masterminds: Potential part 3

  1. Awesome write-up Jenni. For the purposes of posterity the ‘evil plan’ was:
    1. The Star Knights (powerful interstellar guardians with kick-ass power armour) are preventing the ruthless expansion of the Grue Empire therefore:
    2. Let’s make some Star Knights of our own using some human subjects (‘cos their DNA is sooo easy to manipulate).
    3. So let’s infiltrate a juvenille detnetion facility using our shapeshifting powers and conduct our experiments testing both the powers and temprament of our altered subjects.
    4. Once we have some souped-up humans who are loyal to us (‘cos they’re bad kids and we’re cool aliens) we’ll steal a suit of Star Knight armour and replicate it to make our humans more powerful then the Star Knights and kick their asses all over the Galaxy.
    5. Then we’ll totally trash those crazy space Romans; the Lor Republic.
    So for session 3 the detailed plan had become:
    A. Those pesky kids who escaped and hid from our awesome scanners are still out there, and could interfere with our plans.
    B. They seem to be pro-actively foiling crime, so let’s stage a bank robbery, then when they show up we’ll use our kick-ass power-nuetralising beams to make them normal humans and blast ’em.
    C. Then we’ll shoot a meteor at Earth and unleash a Gigantosaur on downtown Freedom City.
    D. When media reports of a giant alien purple dianosaur eating skyscrapers are broadcast that’ll attract a Star Knight who’ll be sent to sort it out.
    E. When the Star Knight lands we’ll trap her in a clever force field which nuetralises her suits powers and which has been camoflaged in Freedom City.
    F. Then we’ll replicate her suit, make some of our own etc. (see points 4 and 5 above).
    Add to the mix Warden Rad Stark aka Dark Star; a former Star Knight who was kicked out, had his armour stipped and was imprisoned on a meteor for being a bad-ass loner.

  2. So where did it come unstuck for the Grue:
    1. The crazy space Romans (the Lor Republic) figured that the Grue where up to mischief on Earth and sent one of their children to infiltrate the program. (Lukas)
    2. They altered his DNA slightly and locked parts of his brain to protect him from being discovered by the Grue.
    3. Once he had successfully infiltrated the program, acids were released unlocking information about his real identity and the location of a Lor ship (TRABA), concealed on Earth. This was intended to provide refuge and allow him to foil whatever the Grue were up to.
    4. The strain of ‘virus’ with which you were infected was far more powerful than the Grue suspected so when they attempted to nuetralise your powers in the bank raid, they failed miserably.
    5. Dark Star was too much of a bad-ass to really be much help to the Grue and when he lost the chance to get a new suit of power armour (the Star Knight was freed) he booked.

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