Things I love Thursday

* We have been in our new apartment a whole week now. It is much more organised now, and there are tentative plans for a housewarming in the near future.
* Chocolate in the shape of eggs and bunnies. I don’t know why but they just taste so good!
* Our new bath is deep and wide. It’s bliss, like my own private warm clean pond. Mmmmmmmmm. I love baths especially when they are full of Lush goodies, especially bath melts or slices of bubble bar.
* Warm sunshiney weather. Even though I hardly get to be out in it, it’s nice to know we had a proper summer and all that.
* Reading a book that is so good you miss it when you are not reading. I just finished The Time Traveller’s Wife for the second time. I wanted to read it again before the movie came out and it was even better than I remembered. I walked home from work and wished I was still reading it, I missed it like you miss a lovely holiday spot.
* My darling Lee, who looks after me, even when I am whiney/sad/cranky/moody/annoying and bought me a new printer/scanner and makes me delicious dinners. Once again I wonder what I did to deserve such a sweetheart.
* Delicious cupcakes. Light, fluffy, tasty and iced.
* Seeing sting rays in Wellington harbour and just knowing that the harbour isn’t too horribly polluted to support sea life.
*The music of Tori Amos, who sings poetry that actually does speak to my heart and I find it infinitely re-listenable.

PoF: My pjs
CO: The thick soft carpet in my NEW! apartment and keeping it clean. It doesn’t make lint balls, it produces little fluff bunnies.

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