Diary of a Rock Star….on the PS3.

“Man often becomes what he believes himself to be. If I keep on saying to myself that I cannot do a certain thing, it is possible that I may end by really becoming incapable of doing it. On the contrary, if I shall have the belief that I can do it, I shall acquire the capacity to do it, even if I may not have it at the beginning.” — Mahatma Gandhi

This quote came to me in an email this morning, courtesy of Gala Darling’s Icing Transformation Challenge. It is a neat quote.

I’m not doing too well with my ITC resolutions. I did have a yummy salad for lunch yesterday but today I am having mini hotdogs and shoestring fries. It’s alright though, because I am making a huge and delicious salad for Lee and me to have with slow cookered ‘roast’ beef for dinner. Om nom nom.
I am home from work today using a day in Lieu from way back when I worked New Years. I have spent the morning being deliciously lazy and playing Rock Band.

Writing wise I am still doing awesomely now. It’s really funny how as I’ve got into a habit of writing more often and in greater volume I am not satisfied if I only write a couple of pages. Like this morning I filled up 3 A5 pages of notebook with new content and I am not even counting that as me doing writing today. I am going to make myself sit still for an hour after lunch and do more writing.

I also managed to operate the car lift and drove out to Nancy’s Embroidery for more quilt labels. I gave Seraph’s baby the quilt I made for him last night and although he didn’t say anything I think he was quite overcome with emotion. Well, there was a lot of squirming anyway.

If you want to see what it looks like, I put pictures up on my lj.

Rock Band wise we’re doing very well. Darth Fancy is an Internationally renowned band now, with successful gigs performed in Rome, Amsterdam, Stockholm and Paris. Our top songs are (from memory):
Run to the Hills – Iron Maiden
Maps – Yeah Yeah Yeahs (which I kick ass at with the singing)
More than a Feeling – Boston
Wanted (Dead or Alive) – Bon Jovie
We also got some new songs yesterday including Glados’ “Still Alive” which is a hilarious song from Portal which I love to pieces. We also got Weezer’s “El Scorcho” and “Perfect Drug” by NIN which I know backwards because of certain Triple J compilations I may have listened to endlessly for several years. I’m also very good at Blondie “Call Me”.

I’ve been taking my singer Lenore Goldfish on a solo tour because that way I get to practice and I also get money to buy her new clothes. This game mixes the Sims with Singstar in a way that is deeply dangerous for me.

PoF: summer
CO: will not sleep, will write book.

Food musings for Saturday morning

I’m not doing too well on the eating salad every day thing, so I am going to go to the supermarket and buy myself a range of tasty salad fixin’s so that I can have ’em for lunch next week.


This morning I dreamed at length about buying shaved ham. Lee wanted me to get ‘hairy ham’ but I thought it sounded gross.

Lee and I had lunch at Mt Fuji last Monday, which is a Japanese Teppanyaki restaurant that I can see from the lounge. We had never really realised it was there but then I got to thinking that they may do okonomiyaki and takoyaki so I took Lee out for dinner. They didn’t do either of those things, but they gave us delicious salad, miso, fried fish and teriyaki chicken and tempura vegetables. Nom nom nom.

On Wednesday after swing dancing we went to the Wine Library in Edward St, which as I mentioned was very good. We had a set menu of antipasto and super long breadsticks to start with. Lee and I are teh class and ordered coronas to drink. Oh yeah. So much fancy wine and we go with Mexican beer, whatever we were hot and thirsty! Lee’s workmate’s parents were down with it though, they were all like ‘be yourself’. Hummm…tangent.

So after the antipasto platters it was an entree of stuff wrapped in eggplant. Rocket and feta wrapped in eggplant. I didn’t dig it so much, I mean I like feta, but the rocket was all stringy and weird and the eggplant meat was nice but the texture of the outer skin when it’s cut so thin was ookie.

For main we could choose between chicken and lamb so I went with lamb because the chicken came with semolina gnocchi which didn’t thrill me. The lamb was little wee racks of lamb on wilted spinach and very very good. I love fancy lamb, it’s all rare and melty and yum. Watch how I could never be a vegetarian!
To finish up we were served amaretto creme brulee and can I just say: It is worth the price of admission! In fact I just realised that there isn’t enough creme brulee in my life and I should do my best to locate all the good creme brulee in Wellington. This I will do for you, my loyal readers. It will be a sacrifice, yes, but I think it will be worth it.

The amaretto creme brulee was a bit burnedy on top but it was so yum. So so good, the almond flavour was subtle enough that the essential creme brulee flavour still came through and the texture was just perfect…..man I want some more.

PoF: cutest sith lord ever.
CO: uh, clearly creme brulee.


It’s been a busy week! To start with work has been super busy with high numbers of emails coming in and heaps of people away meaning we have to work hard and fast….so I feel like I’ve been zooming at work as well as at home.

Tuesday night I had roleplaying, another hilarious and mind blowingly awesome session of Bad Family.
Wednesday I worked my half day at work and then had the best ‘lunch break ever’. I went out to Lambton Quay Whitcoulls (chose the farthest one from home because I wanted to enjoy the sun.) I bought Enchanted, The Holiday and Chocolat on DVD and then picked up a Ka Pai salad for lunch. I’ve not been doing too well with my resolution to eat salad every day, so I figure a giant one would make up for it. It was basically the best salad ever. I ate it in the sun on a blankie on a deck chair on our balcony.
I read Cardcaptor Sakura and ate my best salad ever and blissed out completely.

Going out straight after work and getting errands done and myself fed looks like it might be the best way to set myself up for going hard on Wednesday afternoons. I’ve been distractible because I want to slip out and do stuff, but having a lunch break and then getting everything I wanted to do (uhm, eating and reading?) out of the way meant I was in the perfect mindset to sit down and write all afternoon.

I filled my third moleskine notebook and started on an A5 size one I got at Fancy World which says ‘Be of better cheer, everything will be fine’ on the cover. Awesome.

I also did about two thousand words of typing up the digital copy as well, and was very sensible and backed it up so I’m good there too. The other thing I did which is praise worthy is that I made a list of secondary characters’ motivations and a little flow chart of events for the rest of the book. I am so together with this novel! I can’t believe how much of a step up it is planning and execution wise to the last one. Well, practice makes perfect, so maybe I’ll get the one after this out even more efficiently!

Wednesday night we went to Swing dancing for the first time. Lee’s sister, her husband, Lee and I were all pretty nervous, but once we found the studio and saw that everyone was standing around looking anxious with crossed arms we relaxed. Swing dancing is awesome fun, and I think I really benefited from the constant partner swapping because you do learn from how other people dance as well as from the demonstrations.

I’m so keen for the next class and I can’t stop myself from practising the basic Charleston step that we learnt. (rock step, kick step, kick hitch back step.)

Then we went out for dinner with Lee’s workmates to the wine library, there food is to die for.
Thursday night was move night and I’m pleased to report that the Sasquatch dumpling gang was just as funny and endearing and quirky as I remembered. It was well received by everyone and I loved it. Favourite quote and one I shall have to use in real life is “I am rubber, you are glue, whatever says…..bounces….”

Heh. Then this morning I had a good sleep in, read a Fables book and then wrote another 5-6 pages of novel. In a moment I shall have to go to work, earning time and a half oh yeah. But I realised I hadn’t blogged since Monday because of the busy busy so here I am catching you up.

Happy remembrance ANZAC day. I kinda feel like we should say “sad ANZAC day” but then we are supposed to be feeling grateful as well I guess. Whatever, have a good one.

PoF: true and accurate depiction of the layers of the earth
CO: writing natch

icing transformation challenge

Th completely fabulous Gala Darling has challenged all her readers to a month long ‘transformation challenge’ starting today. The rules are simple: you choose something that you will commit to doing for a month, whether it is simply thinking about yourself in a more positive way or eating only raw food for a month.

I really want to participate, but I feel an overwhelming laziness monster in my head trying to talk me out of it.

Here are some things I want to do in my month of icing challenge:

  • Eat a salad every day, to increase my vege intake.
  • Dedicate an uninterrupted hour to write as often as I can. (I’d like to say every day but I’m just not sure it can be done.) I did really well in the Kiwinowrimo last year, and I’d like to try some more!
  • Exercise more. And by more I mean at all. It’s so cold right now I can’t even consider going for a run, but that really shouldn’t put me off doing an exercise video. Swing dancing starts on Wednesday, so that will help!
  • Be nicer to Lee. This includes but is not limited to cleaning up more, doing the dishes without moaning about it and sewing buttons back onto his work shirts. (It’s really easy to forget to do the buttons.)

So, there’s a whole lot of good and valid things I should be doing and my whole mind is telling me that it’s too much effort and I can’t be bothered trying.

Obviously my first challenge for the month will be to get over myself and freaking do something.
On the up side, I tricked myself into starting on the first one by tidying up in the kitchen and sorting rubbish into bags as soon as I got home from work. That will be my dedicated time for cleaning up I think. Dishes after dinner without fail!

I am already being very good and doing patchwork that needs doing though. Last night we played more Rock Band and did so well that we won a jet and are now able to fly to Rome, Amsterdam, etc to do gigs there. Darth Fancy kicks ass, and I am very good at singing Creep, Maps, Don’t Look Back in Anger and Celebrity Skin.

PoF: hoodie
CO: so very cold.

Getting Out and Doing Stuff

My new years resolutions this year were vague, because I generally forget that I’ve made them.

I think Going Out and Doing Stuff counts as being less lame and more awesome though, so that makes me pleased that I went to the Kiwi Pro Wrestling event last night to support a friend from work. She’s Jessie from Team Pretty and she and Hollie had a Diva strap match. Lots of spanking and hair pulling.

I arrived late because I had to work, but it didn’t take long to get into the scream of things. It’s such ridiculous fun, deciding who to cheer for and booing other people. I’d recommend it for stress release if nothing else.

I am also now a fan of H-Flame and Jade Diamond. Those boys are cut(e). And talented.

I am sad that Jessie lost her match though, she fought so well and I’m sure she would have won if Johnnie Juice hadn’t body slammed her at the end there.

Plus, Blair is an awesome commentator. Some serious skills fo sho.

PoF: same as before
CO: think I’ll have a nap

Twilight movie conflicts me

So, they’re making Twilight by Stephanie Meyer into a move starring Cedric Diggory from the Harry Potter movies as the sexy sexy vampire.

You may recall that I had some issues with this series of books. A literal love/hate relationship where I really enjoy the writing but the storyline takes my feminist principles and stomps them into the ground and then piles mud over them and spits on the mound of mud and then calls it romance.

So, my feelings about it being made into a movie and thereby promoting the series further and showing girls that this is an okay way to act by showing it in live action with Cedric as the sexy vampire is somewhat upsetting to me.

On the other side of the conflicted emotions spectrum I am also excited about the movie and I compulsively have to click on the links that Cleolinda provides and look at the photographs from the movie.
See here for some very nice images which show off the vampire makeup and here for an interview with the author and some set pictures. Does it bug anyone else that girls are expected to swoon while watching this movie? Because it bugs me.

But it also bugs me that Kristen Stewart looks nothing like I imagine Bella to look like! Man, I hate being this conflicted. I either want to suck it up and fangirl like crazy or decide to hate it and feel better about myself.

But neither decision feels right, so I live in conflicty-town. I think Giffy can probably join me there?

PoF: Threadless hoodie
CO: do I have Lee’s illness or not? Why is it so so cold?

Huh, handy

Google books gave me this: how much caffeine is in stuff? (especially Royal Crown Draft Cola which I am currently addicted to on a low low level since I shouldn’t really ingest caffeine.)


Look at how little there is in chocolate! Wait, Dr Pepper has caffeine in it? Weird.

I also love this! Recreating photos of you as a kid! Fun times.