It’s been a busy week! To start with work has been super busy with high numbers of emails coming in and heaps of people away meaning we have to work hard and fast….so I feel like I’ve been zooming at work as well as at home.

Tuesday night I had roleplaying, another hilarious and mind blowingly awesome session of Bad Family.
Wednesday I worked my half day at work and then had the best ‘lunch break ever’. I went out to Lambton Quay Whitcoulls (chose the farthest one from home because I wanted to enjoy the sun.) I bought Enchanted, The Holiday and Chocolat on DVD and then picked up a Ka Pai salad for lunch. I’ve not been doing too well with my resolution to eat salad every day, so I figure a giant one would make up for it. It was basically the best salad ever. I ate it in the sun on a blankie on a deck chair on our balcony.
I read Cardcaptor Sakura and ate my best salad ever and blissed out completely.

Going out straight after work and getting errands done and myself fed looks like it might be the best way to set myself up for going hard on Wednesday afternoons. I’ve been distractible because I want to slip out and do stuff, but having a lunch break and then getting everything I wanted to do (uhm, eating and reading?) out of the way meant I was in the perfect mindset to sit down and write all afternoon.

I filled my third moleskine notebook and started on an A5 size one I got at Fancy World which says ‘Be of better cheer, everything will be fine’ on the cover. Awesome.

I also did about two thousand words of typing up the digital copy as well, and was very sensible and backed it up so I’m good there too. The other thing I did which is praise worthy is that I made a list of secondary characters’ motivations and a little flow chart of events for the rest of the book. I am so together with this novel! I can’t believe how much of a step up it is planning and execution wise to the last one. Well, practice makes perfect, so maybe I’ll get the one after this out even more efficiently!

Wednesday night we went to Swing dancing for the first time. Lee’s sister, her husband, Lee and I were all pretty nervous, but once we found the studio and saw that everyone was standing around looking anxious with crossed arms we relaxed. Swing dancing is awesome fun, and I think I really benefited from the constant partner swapping because you do learn from how other people dance as well as from the demonstrations.

I’m so keen for the next class and I can’t stop myself from practising the basic Charleston step that we learnt. (rock step, kick step, kick hitch back step.)

Then we went out for dinner with Lee’s workmates to the wine library, there food is to die for.
Thursday night was move night and I’m pleased to report that the Sasquatch dumpling gang was just as funny and endearing and quirky as I remembered. It was well received by everyone and I loved it. Favourite quote and one I shall have to use in real life is “I am rubber, you are glue, whatever says…..bounces….”

Heh. Then this morning I had a good sleep in, read a Fables book and then wrote another 5-6 pages of novel. In a moment I shall have to go to work, earning time and a half oh yeah. But I realised I hadn’t blogged since Monday because of the busy busy so here I am catching you up.

Happy remembrance ANZAC day. I kinda feel like we should say “sad ANZAC day” but then we are supposed to be feeling grateful as well I guess. Whatever, have a good one.

PoF: true and accurate depiction of the layers of the earth
CO: writing natch

2 thoughts on “Zoom!

  1. Dude, you’re like a real author or something – that’s so cool:)
    Swing sounds like fun! Although the sentence about partner swapping is tempting to abbreviate and take completely out of context;p
    That quote is pretty awesome.

  2. I actually learned that charleston move during one of the free lessons I attended the other week. The next one I learned was called “kick the dog”. It’s the fun! There are *heaps* more girls than guys in our class, but because I always start with Beau and then the “girls all move to the left” I get to stay as a girl.
    Wednesday routine sounds like it’s going to work well.

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