PTA The Other Side quotes

Elder brother: Let us apply our brains to this, my enormous one and your tiny one.
Troll family dinner!
Troll Dad: Why are you so useless, your brothers have all been mugging people today!
Troll brother: I have been punching people!
Youngest troll: I kicked things. I kicked a wall.
Troll Dad: You idiot! (slaps son)
Youngest troll: It had a person on it, and their money fell down when I kicked the wall. It fell on my head.
Troll Dad: Good work son.

Emo teen gets an internship at the embassy….
Isaac: Uh, has he filled in an….
Receptionist: He started, but then he got disinterested.
Receptionist: You didn’t fill in your gender.
Sam: No. It’s difficult.
Receptionist: It doesn’t seem that difficult.
Sam: Well, it isn’t right now. You could put down male and it would be accurate now but next week it would be wrong and I don’t know if you want your files to be wrong.
Isaac: Is this a “here” thing?
Sam (deadpan sarcasm to the extreme!): No. I’ve “magically” changed gender since I was a baby, it’s totally normal for Earth kids.
Receptionist: I’m going on a bathroom break.
Isaac: try not to throw up in a drawer or whatever it is you kids do.

Troll: I did want to mug them Dad.
Troll Dad: I know you did son, and I’m proud of you.

Things I Love Thursday

It’s a bit short, I’m a bit grumpy.

  • Gilmore Girls boxed set, meaning I can go “huh, I want to watch the episode where Stars Hollow does the dance marathon” and I just can!
  • Beuno bars by Kinder, they’re like a ferrero rocher but in chocolate bar format. Yum.
  • Matchingks! (The link down the side bar) especially the long delicious collection of pictures by Jane Burton.
  • Holiday tomorrow. I am sooooo hanging out for this. I am going to do sleeping and quilting and writing and playing with my friends and walking on the beach!
  • Swing dancing we had our last lesson last night, we’ll be starting our next block of lessons next Wednesday! It’s the same basic class again but with different teachers so all good. We only learned two new things, the jig which is where you do rock step and then little kicks in a close hold, and the frog which is a jump! I really like doing it.

I’m tired out. I wonder if I am still fighting off a sickness or still tired from the 48 hours or….I just haven’t had a holiday since March.

Please do comment with your own list of things that make you go squee today, I need to think about more nice things.

PoF: snuggly slippers
CO: sleeps time now?

roleplaying PTA – the Other Side

word count on What’s the Worst that could Happen? is sitting on 28,370. I am queen of the Procrastination people, didn’t write anything new today, just typed up old stuff.

My Tuesday night roleplaying group has decided to give Prime Time Adventures another go, brainstorming a bunch of stuff and eventually all agreeing that we were into Fantasy tied to reality, culture shock and your identity and how it ties into your culture.

Here’s the premise of our show: some time ago portals were opened from the real world to a traditional fantasy kingdom, populated with elves, orcs, humans and dwarves. The portals have been open long enough for people to be moving in, there’s an Earth embassy and a small community of immigrants. There are call centres set up in the fantasy kingdom because it’s cheaper to route it through there….

Elric is playing the seventh son of a seventh son who thinks he’s the second son because his older brother killed all the rest…he’s battling against his epic destiny.

Svend is playing Isaac, a human diplomat and PR rep for the Earth embassy. He is talkative and bureaucratic.
Star is playing a wood elf/dryad who works in an Earth company call centre and is desperate to ‘do it right’ and fit in with the humans.
Steve is playing a troll, stereotypically evil, violent and stupid he is a do-gooder trying to make his way in the world.
I am playing Sam, an emo teenager recently moved into the fantasy world and desperate to return home. Soon after arriving Sam was hit by a spell: whenever the weather changes, Sam’s gender switches over. The identity uncertainty ties into his/her issue of culture shock and becoming happy in the situation.
anyway, more later. I have quotes and stuff but it’s now late at night and I am sleepy!

what I bought Wednesday

…heh, clearly I have to stop going shopping every Wednesday, but I am very happy with today’s purchases, so I am not regretful at all.

One: Pair of chocolate brown fake fur lined soft ug boot slippers from Sussan. My feet are in warm comfy heaven.
Two: Trashy magazines to take on holiday weekend. One is Cleo with a free mirror I don’t need and I thought I’d try out ‘Mindfood’ because it is trying very hard to appeal to me.
Seven: seasons of Gilmore Girls on DVD. Whitcoulls have a 25% off all DVDs sale, including everything but blu-ray! So, all seven seasons for $172? Yes thanks.

and that’s it. Very restrained really.

PoF: tiger hoodie, trackies and new slippers!
CO: meh

The Quest main characters

Me, obviously at the age of about 9 years old. Maybe 10. I’m not that sure, but I think I wrote this in Standard four.

Puzzle Shift, a bizarre creature I invented which is a monkey with a guitar for a tail. He is named for characters at the start of The Last Battle because you can’t write a novel without literary allusions, doncha know?

Leo Lion was my best toy. I think I got him for a birthday, but I just loved him straight away. He’s mostly bald now and his tail’s falling off a little but I can never get rid of him, he’s too important.

Wish Bear, my care bear and one of the few female soft toys I owned.

Wommy is a wombat toy my Mum brought me from Australia. He was awesome, but he never got a more original name than Wommy Batty. He was frequently a horse for our Barbies but also moonlighted as a priest for when my sister’s doll got married and sometimes he would go on a rampage and destroy the Barbies. He was a complex character to say the least.

Snoopy is an important toy because he’s the first one I saved up to pay for myself. He was a jointed soft toy and you could get outfits for him, I had the flying ace leather jacket outfit for him and he was awesome. He dated Wish Bear.

Roger Rabbit was my friend Anita’s toy, which I was very jealous of because it was my favourite movie at the time.

Newspaper is a panda bear, probably also belonging to Anita although I don’t really remember. His name is based on that funny joke, what’s black and white and red all over…an embarrassed/sunburnt panda bear.

Doggie….who knows. Probably Anita’s toy.

Then there’s my sister and my friend Ruth, but they hardly seem important at all.

The Quest – Part two

You so want to know what happens in Part two. You know you do.

In this part I like how so many of the things I have mentioned previously in the story come into play in the second half.

It’s incredible planning. I think I might have to do a whole ‘nother entry about the toys mentioned….Plus, there are a couple of pictures I am going to scan so that you can all have the full experience.

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The Quest – part one

When I was about 9-10 years old I wrote a novel.

It was about me, naturally, having an amazing adventure. I did it for school, my teacher at the time was big on creative writing and gave us heaps of time to do it. She also had these cool papers with cartoony borders that we were allowed to use for ‘good’ copies of our work.

So, the story is basically about me having an amazing, wish fulfillment adventure. The other characters are my soft toys and one or two of my friends from school and some of their soft toys which I was jealous of. And the Queen of England, I think because she was the most important person I could think of at the time. Plus, she was an important character in the BFG by Roald Dahl which I adored. Oh, there’s also a monkey with a guitar for a tail. Basically, I’ve always been a bit strange.

I recently uncovered this amazing piece of history and I will copy it verbatim here for you to enjoy. Of course, you won’t be getting the benefit of the drawings I did for the cover or the cartoony borders that I was so into. You’ll just have to imagine them.
You may notice that my obsession with food isn’t a recent thing.

The Quest by Jenny.

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Monday itis is a medical condition.

Good things about today, even though it was a Monday:

  • When I got home I had received a letter from my Giffy! And it had cupcake panties enclosed for me! Cute!
  • Thanks to my trusty lion umbrella, I did not get soaked in the rain.
  • At lunch time I cleaned the kitchen and put away the clean dishes. When I got home from work I vacuumed the floors and put on the dehumidifier/heater to take the edge off the chill. Which Lee appreciated when he got home.

On the other hand I forgot to meet Evie for lunch, because I am a dumb-ass, and I spent the whole afternoon at work feeling both lightheaded and hyper, because I = spazz.
*le sigh*

So, even though it’s a horrible dark rainy Monday and I’m a bad person, there are some good things going on. Yes?

I should review Indiana Jones, but I can’t really be bothered thinking about it. It was a good enough movie I guess, but it was…more silly than I had expected. Maybe if I had read in Empire that they were trying to make it like a 50’s B Grade sci-fi before I went in, I would have enjoyed it more?

Instead, I shall do something more fun and hopefully entertaining for you, my dear readers.

PoF: warm
CO: blee

swing update

because I forgot to mention it in Things I Love Thursday, here’s what we learned on Wednesday, second to last beginner’s class!

Mostly this is for Giffy’s benefit, but I also find it useful to think about what new moves I know.
We were working on the basic six count, (rock step, triple step, triple step) for footwork and doing turns based on that.

First thing was doing a right hand pass where the lead swaps hands. This move is exactly the same for us follows, and the lead just changes which hand they hold ours with. This means you end up in a ‘hand shake’ stance instead of standard open. From this stance you can do tricky turns.

First turn, not sure if it has a name. different wind up rock step, with a twist to the right with the lead pushing in and then follow moves left, hand up meeting lead’s hand palm to palm. The lead then ‘draws a halo’ around the follow’s head with both our hands, twisting the follow around in a spin. This was easier than it sounds here.

The second spin started the same with a wind up rock step, but the lead puts his other hand on the follow’s wrist to push and break the hold, letting the follow spin around unaided. This one was a little more difficult for me because a lot of the learning leads kind of got the idea wrong and would grab your wrist with their whole hand, which is not conducive to spinning, it more makes me stop dead. But! When I did it with the taxi dancer it was much easier and I got it down fine.

I was especially good at keeping my arms in the right place, so that when I spun back around it was easy for the lead to grab my hand again and resume dancing. All the practice spinning made me quite dizzy I have to say.

Then there was getting out of that hold again, and I’ve kind of forgotten how that happened, so I suspect it was something that I did the same but the lead had to think fast. I think it was a Lindy circle thing.
Lee says we had two ways to get into the different stance. I have forgotten the second one. I really was out of it on Wednesday night!

Next week we are learning ‘the frog’, a move where the follow jumps with help from the lead! Exciting!