The Quest – Part two

You so want to know what happens in Part two. You know you do.

In this part I like how so many of the things I have mentioned previously in the story come into play in the second half.

It’s incredible planning. I think I might have to do a whole ‘nother entry about the toys mentioned….Plus, there are a couple of pictures I am going to scan so that you can all have the full experience.

We put the things we weren’t using to the left of the boat and that was more or less five items. Then Snoopy took me to a tree and whatever you say it grows, so I said “Food” and it grew lots of kinds of foods Snoopy and I set about picking it all.

Then I said “Photo album” and a photo album grew “good” I said then Snoopy said “Wheelbarrow,” and a wheel barrow grew, we put everything we had picked in it. We went back to the others. Later we were sailing down the river and Puzzle was playing (in tune) and newspaper was singing, Doggie played the drums, Wish bear played the sax and Roger clapped.

Then we saw a sign that said Pollutoin River.* Everyone stopped and stared and then gasped and goggled.
“Yowsers!” Said Roger.
“Yipes!” Said Snoopy.
“Mlap!” Roared Leo.
“La, la, la!!!” sang Newspaper, (who had not stopped.)
“Gosh.” Said Wish bear.
“Woof!” Declared Doggie.
“Womm!” Said Wommy then we packed everything valued in the middle of the boat and sailed, or drifted, on. I played the tape I had bought at Slagsville, it said:

“**If you have to go through a river of much
don’t go through you might get stuck
instead go through a ricer of crocs (by that I mean reptiles with leather jackets)
to kill them just say ‘1, 2, 3 you won’t ever kill me!'”

Then it ended on the other side it said the same thing. We tied the ‘good luck nugget’ to the front of our boat to see if it brought us good luck to our surprise it steered us to a river full of crocodiles, we all sang “1, 2, 3 you won’t ever kill me,” apart from Newspaper who sang “La, la, la,” (He still had not stopped,) all the crocodiles began to die, we saw a big mountain, I choose Leo, Snoopy and Roger to come with me.
We entered by a cave, inside, the mountain was cold and damp. We could tell there were traps because of Roger who kept on getting caught. We had to keep on stopping to grab him out of them. Soon we came to the cave of the dangerous dragon.

Roger said “Wow!” Then we entered, luckily the dragon was asleep, we unlocked the cage Bowie (my cat), Ruth (my friend) and Karen (my sister) were in then very quietly we left. The way back was easier because all the traps were sprung, (thanks to Roger Rabbit) then we got into the boat and while Puzzle paddled with a big leaf he had found, I explained everything there was to explain, (including why Newspaper was singing la, la, la) then Newspaper finally stopped.

The next morning we woke up and saw a big cave Teddy, Leo, Snoopy, Wish bear and Roger came with me into the cave.

*spelling unchanged, also I drew a little picture of the sign.
**This bit had a lot of musical notes drawn all around it, to show that it was a song. I have put it in italics for the digital format.

To be concluded tomorrow!


5 thoughts on “The Quest – Part two

  1. Hey, my only question (because I totally understand everything else) is why did the tree not grow “Good”?
    The food obsession totally did not fade. I was wrong šŸ˜‰

  2. Giffy: I know! I thought the exact same thing as I was typing it. I suppose the tree only grows things that are nouns?
    Sok: I cracked up a little as I typed that bit.

  3. Okay, cue reaction shots from EVERYBODY! Hee :D. Ah, the alliteration of “Declared Doggie” – it is cute and dreadful at the same time :).
    Stoopid Roger Rabbit! Still, his stoopid was useful.
    I think it’s impossible to not giggle after saying “Mlap!” out loud. Actually, same thing goes for “Womm!” – and now I think I see the precursor for your Pokemon love :p.

  4. Rachel, to be fair I know you were dying to know what each and every soft toy was thinking at that time XD
    I really don’t know what I was thinking having Leo say ‘mlap!’ I mean, he’s a lion, surely he should say ‘roar’ or ‘growl’. Man, I was a weird kid.

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