Wednesday whine

So, I had one of those “I’m awake for no good reason” nights and woke up feeling decidedly un-chipper.
Mid morning I had a disturbing eventuality in the health department and managed to wrangle an appointment with my doctor straight after work. Thankfully nothing serious, but I have a bunch of pills and stuff to take and do and I have to go back in a few weeks so she can check that the meds are working. I am purposefully being vague, you do not want to know details.

So I felt miserable all afternoon-off and had a bath and a nap and still don’t want to go to swing dancing, even though I feel guilty for not going to swing dancing. Dumb.

I did manage to copy edit some of Kiki though and I’m happy with what I’ve done so far.
A workmate recommended this website called snapfish which is an New Zealand based photo printing website. You upload your pictures and they print them for very cheap indeed. When you first join you get 20 free prints and right at the moment (until June 6th) they have a .1c photo printing deal on with a maximum of 50 prints for .1c!

So I’ve ordered a bunch of prints, since even with postage it works out cheaper than printing on my printer and a heap easier. They also have a whole store where you can make bags and mugs and photo books and collage posters and canvas prints and teddy bears! So cool.

Last night I saw Wellington Musical Theatre perform Cats. It was very good. I think I saw Quaxo fall over at one point, and I was disappointed with the high ‘A’ part in the Jellicle Cats song but other than that I loved every minute. Something about watching people perform who are clearing loving every minute is very satisfying.

The new style costumes and set were cool too. The traditional junk yard was replaced by roof tops with lights coming from windows, smoke from a chimney stack and a show board with flashing light bulbs around the edges. I was pleased they did “Growltiger’s last stand” instead of the “Pekes and the Pollicles” as I much prefer the music.

To celebrate, here’s a video of the awesome Elaine Paige doing “Memory” which is the song what everyone knows from Cats. She kicks ass at it.
On the other hand, I’m sad that our 48 hour film didn’t get into the finals and some teams that always do, did. Maybe we’re doing something wrong, maybe we just aren’t subversive enough? I mean, I feel like we’re pretty subversive, but maybe we need more swearing and naked girls and people getting hacked up.
Then again, if that’s what it takes to get into the finals, I don’t think I want in after all.

PoF: Grumpy mope
CO: staying warm