Organisey Jenni strikes again

Courtesy of sister in law, I have some new items from IKEA to make my house more organised. I got a little hanging shoe holder and a large hanging shelf unit made of fabric that accordions down to flat. The large holder also has two drawers that fit into it for extra storage joy.

The problem that I didn’t anticipate is that these delightfully functional items become rather less functional for me. This is because they are designed to attach by tying or looping over the rail in your wardrobe, but our wardrobe rails are attached on one side and U shaped, the coat hangers just kind of sit in them.

So…how to attach my hangy joy organisers? Well the shoe holder’s ties were nice and long so I bull dog clipped them to the rail lip and went ahead and stacked shoes all up in there. It looks neat. I will take flickr photos later when I can be bothered.

The larger one is a much bigger pain, because it has two big strong riveted flaps to velcro together over the wardrobe rod. I have managed to stick it up there with a combination of stick on velcro and command adhesive strips. I am unsure how load bearing this will turn out to be but it seems like it’s holding for how and I’ve put in one drawer filled with wigs and stacked up my leftover batting and a couple of small quilts in there and it seems to be doing fine so far.

Fingers crossed!

The stick on velcro strips are stronger than I thought they’d be. I might have to buy some more.

This afternoon has been good, I have done writing (7 new pages, more to come), hung the hangy drawers, spent some vouchers on Veronica Mars on DVD and bought a couple of new notebooks for writing in from Fancy World. The bad thing is that one of my new notebooks turns out to be filled with plain newsprint. I don’t know if I can stand to write on it…..I really want new Moleskines, but they were sold out at Borders and Kirk’s last time I was down that end, so it’s too hard. Plus, Fancy World books are cheaper and longer.

The other thing I found at Fancy World was Katy, so I brought her home for a cup of tea and a catch up and that was awesome. I hadn’t seen her in forever.
Now, to the writing couch! Oh wait, I’m already there.

PoF: very dark colours.


5 thoughts on “Organisey Jenni strikes again

  1. Yay for finding Katy in Fancy World! Can you also find bento boxes there?
    I need to see pics of your wardrobe as I can’t wrap my mind around your wardrobe rails.

  2. Oh! Note to self: take pictures of lunchbox for Giffy! Also; Gordon Harris always has moleskin notebooks. That’s why I’m always tempted. I go there frequently and they’re RIGHT by the register. Eeeeeevil tempation!

  3. I don’t need Bento boxes! I come home for lunch 🙂
    I tried to take pictures but the light was no good. Will try again tomorrow.
    Jackie: I’m going to pretend that you didn’t say that. *sticks fingers in ears* La la la la laaaaaa!

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