Things I Love Thursday

I’m feeling happy like you wouldn’t believe. I am a big cuddly bundle of grateful , so this is going to be a long one.

The little film we made over the weekend won the competition! Yep, that’s me on the page, yelling at my dice. I think being the only entrants kind of uhm, biased the judging in our direction somewhat but hey, a win is a win is a win. Plus it was awesome fun to make.

The film festival brochures are out tomorrow. So excited. Given my current money levels I’m not sure I’ll actually get to all that much but I can try! I know there’s a shark film I want to see.

Swing dance class last night was cool fun. It’s nice to feel like you know what you are doing as opposed to being a raw beginner and Lee felt like he got a handle on something he’s not doing right. (Taking small steps, not throwing his partner so far out that both arms are locked straight.) It was also awesome that some of the taxi dancers missed me and were happy to have me back. Makes me feel like I might be a good dancer!

I am not working Friday nights any more! My awesome new boss of awesomeness has worked it out for me and I can now work 8-5 on Friday, same as the rest of the week. I am a tiny bit sad I can’t have a sleep in three days in a row, but I can’t have my sleep in and go to work too so never mind. Finishing work at 5 will make it all worthwhile.

These classic photos recreated with lego pictures are quite lovely. I especially love the Star Wars ones.

Photos my friends upload to facebook, especially when they add funny comments of awesome like Morgue did with the photos from his flatwarmERing.

Gmail advertising matched to the content of your emails, I know it’s kind of weird but I’ve found some very cool websites through there, including this delightful source of Moleskines notemaker which actually came up because of Jackie’s comment on my previous post where I said I couldn’t find Moleskines. Love it.

Honourable mentions: LOLcats

Re-reading the Alanna books: it’s like going home to a warm comfy bed, reading wise.
I’ve never really been a shoe fetishist, but these shoes bought by Gala Darling gave me a moment of shoe lust.

Looking forward to craft day Saturday when I can reconnect to ancient traditions of women getting together to sew and knit and gossip.

Knowing I have something awesome to send to Giffy and looking forward to reading her post about when she receives it.

Our Rock Band rock band, Darth Fancy was inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of fame, that’s how amazing we are.

My Lee, who is a honey although he is currently suffering from Man Flu.

The teaser trailer for the Dead Like me movie.

PoF: blankie
CO: I feel good.


5 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. I totally think our movie could have won *even if there were other entries*!
    At least we beat that weird stop-motion film.

  2. *huggles* to happy Jenni. Yay for awesome new boss and having Friday evenings free! OMG!
    – emminent mail excitement
    – unexpected belated birthday present of a webcam! Thanks to Star and JazzmasterSv!
    – having some watch me walk passed and exclaim “Hot!”
    – feeling sexy in matching underwears
    – not having to work this Friday
    – touristing planned with friends tomorrow
    – discovering cheap call number to call NZ
    – world-wide hugs
    – knowing I can cheer a friend up via text alone!

  3. I second Debz’ query about the Man Flu.
    Can you pls remind me where you swing? My massage therapist wants to know and I said I’d ask:)
    How addicted I was to the Alanna books…I even (slightly shamefully) once wrote some spin off fan fic…well, only a little of it got written, but there was much in my head:)

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