Shrewsburies. (Entry 1200)

Lee said that when he was a little kid he thought shrewsburies were a real berry and that’s what the jam in the biscuits was made of. My sister liked shrewsburies more than me so I was always slightly resentful when we got them because it meant she was getting her way.

I was generally disappointed that you can’t pull the biscuits apart and lick at the jam in the middle. What is it about that jam? It’s like sugary red glue. I just tried to pull one apart and you still can’t do it, the biscuit just crumbles.

Saturday was awesome fun with craft day and Rock Band. I didn’t manage to get any writing done in the morning like I meant to, but I did clean the house and do washing so it’s all good. I also was made to watch some Top Gear and it was actually pretty interesting. (Highlights from the one where they drive across America in cars costing less than a thousand dollars.)

I’m steadily getting better at drumming on the hard level although some songs are yet beyond me.
Today it is very cold outside but I had a beignet and got a stack of books out from the library so it’s not too bad. I managed to write six new pages today and I intend to write some more after this break.

PoF: warm
CO: printing photos using snapfish. So cheap.

PS. Giffy, and anyone who is interested, I have uploaded photos of my IKEA-ised wardrobes and a pic of the way my wardrobe’s rail looks. You can see ’em here.


7 thoughts on “Shrewsburies. (Entry 1200)

  1. I’m not sure I’ve ever had a shrewsbury cookie.
    Today is a good day for a onesie. Onsie envie – whose got it? Me!

  2. “sugary red glue” – best description of Shrewsbury cookies ever. I wish you could get the stuff by itself because the biscuit part of it is pretty boring. As a kid I used to pick the red glue out of the middle and pull the biscuits off and throw them away. All I wanted was the red glue but there were always some biscuits bits left stuck on.
    Top Gear is awesome, I am totally addicted to the show and I don’t even like cars all that much. Mostly the crazy tests/challenges is great, the Brit celeb interviews and race car laps are usually good (Heh, Billie Piper did better than Dr Who). Also I kind of like any show that does roadtests/info on new technology stuff whether it be about cars, inventions, buildings etc, whenever a show starts in on the geeky how does it work/why is it better side, I get hooked. I’d watch a show about power drills if they showed me how they worked, drilled crazy stuff and had info about the latest power drill technology.

  3. Ahh, Shrewsburies. I also thought that the goo was made from Shrewsberrys.
    I used to always push the little red star in. Don’t know why, it was just a little tradition I had.
    Also used to try to get the biscuit off to scrape the goo off with my teeth, with little success.
    Thanks for the nostalgic goodness!

  4. mm.. shrewburies.. tastier than dewsberries. i take credit for this *whooole* discussion, on account of i bought them.
    J’s computer game is calling him ‘Spanky’. i think we *all* should call him Spanky..

  5. Edmond’s cookbook has quite a tasty recipe for shrewsberries…course they don’t have the star shape in the centre, unless you have a tiny little star cookie cutter shape for it:)

  6. I always used to think I enjoyed shrewsberries more than I actually did.
    What was the deal with body shop dewsberry? Did that come up in the Zeph convo?
    Yay for photos! I looked at the flickr 🙂
    Top Gear is cool. Debz comment reminds me that I used to enjoy “Beyond 2000”.

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