Wishy washy wishy washy

Kiwinowrimo, or the Kiwi Novel Writing Month starts on June 25th, info here. I am severely wishy washy about whether or not to enter.

You see, I really like the idea of sitting down and making myself write so much and the support and competition of the community is very good for spurring me on.

On the other hand I am over halfway through the manuscript for What’s the Worst that Could Happen? and I would feel weird putting it down.

On the other other hand I have put WtWtCH ‘down’ before to do the final draft of Kiki and picked it up again with no real difficulty.

I could use the Kiwinowrimo to write the sequel to Kiki which I have ideas for. I could spend some time planning the issues, themes and basic plot and then write like crazy for it.

But I feel like I will have the first draft of WtWtCH done in a couple of weeks if I can keep up my current momentum. (10 pages per sitting, even if I have to force myself.)

But if Kiki does get picked up by a publisher, they might want a sequel sooner rather than when I get around to it. And if I can get more published sooner then I can really try to make writing my life.
So…..what do you think? Can I get some input about what you think I should do? Kiwinowrimo, yes or no?

PoF: trackies are so warm and comfy
CO: writing is fun

ETA: I have filled up my latest notebook(which says ‘be of better cheer, everything will be fine’ on it with WtWtCH. It is full. Now I can move on to the ‘where did you get that beautiful bag?’ notebook I bought last Wednesday. Kick ass.


5 thoughts on “Wishy washy wishy washy

  1. I suggest using the kiwinowrimo community as a support group for finishing WtWtCH and *then* starting the sequel. Post your intention to attempt a crazy limited time kiwinowrimo once you’ve finished WtWtCH, then post a word-count of WtWtCH each day or two to let us know how you’re getting on.
    When you finish WtWtCH, start up a new wordcount for Kiki2. You probably won’t make 50,000 on Kiki2 *and* finish WtWtCH, but you could use other people’s word counts and anecdotes as more fuel for your writing fire 🙂

  2. Agreed with Matt. One option could also be to trying writing Kiki2 as a novella.

  3. Stick to your own book. I don’t think you need that community for support. You’ve already written one novel ! Now finish two. Don’t divide your efforts.

  4. I agree with Seraph, Kiwinowrimo seems like a great idea to get people who have been thinking about writing, into writing.
    But if you’re already in that space, I don’t know how much you’ll get out of it.

  5. Did you find Kiwinowrimo helped you to be more producive last year than you are with your excellent writing habits now? It sounds like you don’t need it to get you going or anything, but if it helps spur you to write a bit more each day, that can only be a good thing.
    I personally would keep going with WtWtCH until it’s finished and then start the next project. Completing projects is always great for morale and it seems stopping a project to work on a new one for a whole month could slow down momentum.

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