Things I Love Thursday

Getting things in the mail from my Giffy, who has sent me a pen from Harrods! Plus a postcard from Jj whom I never hear from. And I also posted off something awesome for her which I am really looking forward to her receiving.

Removing international fraudsters from the dating site. I now have a sixth sense for which photos are scammers.

Being excited about doing new things (selling surgerised tshirts on Trade Me) and for the possibility of people buying my quilts, even if it doesn’t work out.

Warmth. I was so cold last night that I went to sleep with the duvet over my head.

Disovering that wacky cake cupcakes taste good with balsamic vinegar instead of white vinegar, although I did add a lot of chocolate and vanilla which may have helped them turn out so rich and delicious. Happy birthday Elric!

I think I have mentioned previously how much I enjoy two things I already liked coming together. Behold: Neil Gaiman + cute baby animals!

cute Neil stuff.
The film festival is all full of neat things, I am working out my schedule tonight now that I have forced Lee to choose what he wants to see.

I also love Doogie Howser, and funny things, so this ad he did for Old Spice makes me happy.
click I should really track down his new show and watch it. I *heart* him.

I also like having Wednesdays off where I get stuff done. I got stuff done this week despite having a nap and a bath.

Swing dancing was cool. It’s good to feel like you know what you’re doing and to learn more about leading and following and then to have the female teacher from the last block comes up to us at the end of the class and tells us that we’re doing well and we should participate in the novice dance competition at the yearly Windy Lindy ball. Hee. Also that on the day before the Windy Lindy ball there is a charm school for girls where they will teach us style and glamour and how to do our hair. Squeeeeee! Lee’s sister and me are totally going to do it.

PoF: warm
CO: slow cooker burritos.


3 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. *Making a bunch of people happy with a drawing of a roundy woman all sexy-like.
    *Going into the bedroom to see Hunter curled in a wee ball in a sort of nest of blankets and pillows on the otherwise stripped bed. SO CUTE.
    *Getting enough sun to dry the mattress protector without resorting to the dryer (it’s a small joy, but it did give me cheer).
    *Having the opportunity to use my skillzzzz and someone else’s money to support a good cause.
    *The awesomeness that is Dexter – I’ve been watching over the last couple of days, and it’s Good Television.
    *The anticipation that Moore Wilson’s may stock the flavour of Phoenix fizzy that I like the most, and which has so far only surfaced at Burger Fuel in town.
    *Knowing that I can spend all of Saturday drawing.
    *Having my first “can I use your drawing to make an icon” request, hee :D.
    *The beginnings of curtains – just Warehouse curtains, but they’ll be SO much warmer than the horrible vertical Venetians that are in the lounge. So far just the sliding door has curtains, and it has seemed to make a difference.
    *Laughing with Alan this morning (a lot!) over the badness of Blood Noir. Laughing again in the evening when he came home and there was silliness. Laughing lots is nice, even if I do have a giggle like a toddler :).

  2. OMG, I am so jealous about the charm school! I *want*.
    – food from flatmate
    – visitors
    – friends
    – dancing (swing event tonight!)
    – dresses, especially new ones made just for me
    – hugs
    – sleep
    – bicuits and all home baking
    – sleeping in just a little bit longer

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