Some stuff

The Yip Yips from sesame St, all collected up in one place by someone who was terrified of them for some reason. Click me!

I also like this announcement that Rock Band 2 has been confirmed and it’s all compatible with Rock Band 1. Darth Fancy releases a press release, they are ‘happy’ about this.

Last night we saw Speed Racer and man I loved it. It was a gigantic bundle of highly stylised fun. From the moment the characters first went outside and I saw the way they’d done the sky I knew I was in a fantasy world. It literally was like watching an anime made into a live action film, with all the strange cuts and changing perspectives, etc. Christina Ricci was adorable, actually everyone in it was awesome. Go Captain Hero Jack Matthew Fox!

I was laughing out loud so often during the movie, and also got caught up with all the crazy stuff going on in the backgrounds of shots. Fish shaped building for the win! It was just so much fun. Go to it, turn off your brain and submerge yourself into the prettiness.

Oh, and if you need a pick me up right now? Check out the newest post of the dog-blog which continues to be awesome fun. Also the daily coyote especially the ‘cool cat dorky coyote’ picture.

PoF: duvet
CO: speed


One thought on “Some stuff

  1. Go Speed, Go!
    Also, how perfectly annoying was Spritle and the monkey? Did you laugh seeing him in the paul frank Pjs and the chimp in pjs with boys heads on them?
    I found myself just grinning in that movie so many times.

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