Things I Love Thursday

Brief bullet points of gratefulness this week, because I can’t be bothered writing too much while I have people to talk to.

  • Being snuggled up under my flannel sheets and all the blankets and being warm.
  • Reading old familiar books, I’ve finished the Alanna books and I am now rereading a couple of Alice books. Comfort reading!
  • Feeling like I’m getting the hang of swing dancing and learning getting some pointers on the harder side of things. Swing outs….swing outs are the hard.
  • I like my friends 🙂

Swing dance clothes:
Dance Store
NZ based Rita Sue
I also found this awesome 80’s theme wesbite Like Totally 80s. It has costume ideas, party tips, all sorts of awesome in a gorgeously 80s design.


6 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. I love that Rita Sue website, I’ve been admiring it for a couple of years now. Esp before wedding when I wanted pin-curls! It’s the huge $$$ cost that bothers me. Did you see the retro style swimwear site special knives blogged the other day? OMG so cute!
    Sunshine on my window (finally! after weeks)
    My Doc Heels
    My pleat bottomed skirt
    Having people over until after 12 on a schoolnight
    Plans to watch Wanted with Beau tonight
    OMG!! THE Dance Store website links to an adult footed pajama website!

  2. TILT (written on a Friday but nevermind)
    – School holidays starting this weekend! Matt at home for 2 weeks! Yay!
    – Muffin/cupcake versions of big cakes – just as delicious but cuter. I have perfected the carrot cake muffin but I wonder if I could make a Black Forest Gateau muffin?
    – Brief periods of sunshine as a break in the winter rain
    – Hot chocolate with marshmallows or dunkable biscuits on cold winter nights
    – Baby giggles, baby sloppery attempts at kisses, baby smiles with tiny teeth
    – Receiving Placemaker vouchers in the mail and plotting how to spend them
    – The way using Lush products makes your whole bathroom smell really good
    – Hearing that more friends from work are pregnant especially when it is people who really want to be and have been trying for ages
    – The post-exercise energy high and feeling of well-being
    – Scroggin chocolate – current favourite flavour

  3. Some of those swing clothes are ridiculously cute, as are the shoes! I fear the stretchy dress material might not be kind to those of us who have lumps and bumps in their silhouette

  4. Oh Sass, that’s my favourite dress on there too! I’m going to see if I can track down a pattern similar for it and get my Mother in Law to make it for me 🙂
    It does kind of bug me though that the shoes are all heels, and you’re supposed to swing in flats XD

  5. Jenni: Should be no problem finding a suitable pattern, but I def recommend going for a fuller skirt. I *love* the circle skirt on my swing dress 🙂

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