48 hours National Finals

First of all, I am very pleased that Giffy appreciated the giant sized letter I got people to collaborate on at craft day recently.

Now, onto my thoughts about the National Grand Finals of the 48 hours film comp 2008.

Fractured Radius – THE END – Drama
I thought this was pretty cleverly done actually. Really good use of Kerry Post as perfectionist, reshooting to show the difference between what was actually happening and what was happening in his head.
I liked it.

Guerrilla Monkeys – SUM OF ALL PARTS – Horror
They showed this one last because that put it latest at night. It was a ‘funny’ serial killer movie centered on a man performing surgery on an awake woman. I hate torture porn with a vengeance. Why did this get into the finals? Is this really what they want to encourage for future years? And are torture porn and comedy two genres that should really be crossed?

Kaiti Hill – le dernier jour de Tony (Tony’s Last Day) – Drama
A movie made with barbie dolls as the actors, this was an examination of living in another country where you don’t know the language. It was pretty good, if kind of off putting visually. Good example of a 48 hours drama, but yeah. Kind of ugly to look at. I don’t remember there being a brush in it…

Smashing Pants – DARLENE – Juvenile Delinquent
The Wellington winner was a slick and pretty production. A character portrait with a couple of twists and a genuinely touching ending. All that being said, I don’t love it. The format of the show managed to spoil the ending by awarding it Best Use of Prop and showing a clip from the end right before we saw the whole movie.

Spooce Media: The Real McCoy Agent Post: Or How I Stopped Being Pretentious And Learned To Love Cliche
A better example of using Barbies as actors, this was a pretty good action/adventure spy movie spoof mostly done by just one guy. It had some pretty funny stuff, my personal favourite being the whole soundtrack was sung by the one guy.

The Dangly Gruffnuts – TWO BODIES ONE NIGHT – Adventure –
Huh. Another movie about men killing women. I was put off by the opening minute or so where the lead actor couldn’t stop smiling even though they had just killed someone and were trying to find a place to dump the body. Great use of Kerry Post, literally throwaway inclusion of prop.

Team Lense Flare – BEYOND BELIEF – Time Travel
This was formatted kind of like one of those “Real True Stories of Horror” shows but was actually a mockumentary. Stole an idea from Red Dwarf and ran with it for some genuinely funny moments. A guy moving backwards through time was a different spin on the genre. I liked it well enough but I’m not sure I’d want to watch it again in a hurry.

Goodfellas – IN SEARCH OF BIGFOOT – Animal
I really liked this one. It was Forgotten Silver-esque with its serious tone and the dedication of the players to convincing us of the truth. It was very prettily shot with the forest and exciting at the climax. Two thumbs up from me.

Puppy Guts – F*DANCE – Dance
I enjoyed this in the Wellington finals and I loved it the second time, so I think it was a good choice for National winner. It was a clever spoof of the dance genre, set around finger dancing, where people put little shoes on two fingers and then have dance offs. There were some great 80-s movies spoofs (Flashdance FTW!) and a training montage. I’m also very pleased that a Wellington film won the nationals.

Overall I think it was a higher standard than last year but again, I feel that I saw better films in the heats and finals than some of the ones chosen for the Nationals. Maybe I’m just spoiled, living in Wellywood. I was pleased that Grindhouse was an omitted genre this year and I’m kind of hoping they’ll do away with horror. It seems to be hard for people to do and be original.

PoF: onesies.
CO: quite sleepy still.


5 thoughts on “48 hours National Finals

  1. Um, who would not be pleased with a giant letter? I have it blu-tac’d to my wall now.
    Corcadorca was Awesome. I saw not sign of Cillian though.

  2. Michael: Looks intriguing!
    Giffy: which sides have you got facing out I wonder? I guess I was worried that I’d said a couple of times that I had something amazing to send you and that you would receive a giant letter and be all. Eh, giant letter.

  3. There is always the risk of building something up for me. I *was* kinda like, what item could Jenni be getting me. Is it better than the *Mighty Maori Pen*??? Giant letter is different an unexpected and I like it lots.

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