Bunches of links

I like these Nat Geo undersea creature photos. There’s lots of neat photo sets on there actually.

I also appreciate the weirdness of the Simpsons House. So cool and so brain warpy to look at the pictures of cartoons in the real world. Maybe it’s just my brain that warps….

This tshirt is pretty neat, threadless continue to have heaps of cool designs but I will not order more! Will not! Well, maybe when they have their next sale….

Best article title ever? Wolverine still vogueing. (link via Cleolinda)

Also from la Casa de Cleo comes this helpful list of the Top Ten things authors shouldn’t do on Amazon. Which is something to bear in mind if I ever get published! Seriously, I kind of thought after Anne Rice did the train wreck thing all those years ago people knew better now?

And at least Anne Rice backed herself up by offering refunds if people didn’t like her work.
Oh and a little pre-Things I Love Thursday thing that has made me happy this week: Being told that I am an inspiration. It makes me glow with joy.

Late edition, Meg Cabot’s latest diary entry in which she talks about having stuff about sex in her books, and why a lot of 9 year old girls want to know about this stuff anyway is pretty awesome. (Scroll down to the second emailed in question if you’re not interested in her other stuff.).

PoF: layers
CO: pizza soon?


One thought on “Bunches of links

  1. Linkies are the fun! Agree about goodness of Meg and weirdness of Simpsons.
    Also, that author is not the smartest. Sheesh. Professional much?

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