• The blankies that amphgori left for the CS team. I have been living under a warm polar fleece blankie with monkeys on it this week. It makes such a difference to my overly air-conditioned desk.
  • Managing to sell stuff.
  • Fun news stories: Red Panda adopted by cat has to be one of the cutest things I’ve seen lately. Bat in your bra?
  • This upcoming exhibition at the City Gallery looks amazing. Must go and see it!
  • My Tuesday night roleplaying group. It’s really been a while since we played a campaign (here defined as any game where we play the same characters for more then six sessions) and I think we’re really getting into the deeper emotional roleplaying that I loved in Slayers East. It’s neat.
  • Swing swing swing dance! Finished our second round of beginner’s classes and Lee is ok with continuing. The next class at a higher level running in Wellington is centred on showmanship and performance and has stuff about the Shim Sham in it, which I am excited about because Giffy learned that!
  • Writing is fun.

PoF: layers again
CO: Burger Fuel for dinner


2 thoughts on “TiLT

  1. Ogod, I can’t do TILT. I am too full of jealousy over your Swing dancing goodness. Stupid “summer” here means that classes are on hiatus (our teacher is attending the big swing meet in Sweden, ask your teachers about it, it’s huge!). When they resume we should be full of the travelling, so unable to attend. When we get back to NZ it’ll be summer and hiatus. You guys are going to be so much better than us. I hate you!! but not really at all.
    Ok, ok.
    – Onesies from Zeph. I am planning a photoshoot now!
    – Snailmail. I *must* send the stuff I keep bringing to work.
    – Entertaining. Had Fotalad over and played card games and ate delicious home-made pizza.
    – Sunshine. I saw some this morning, it is rapidly being hidden by big and grey though.
    – My belovedu.

  2. TILF? 🙂
    Rainbows above the city
    Hazy sunshine making windows gleam
    Ridiculous email joy
    Sneaking 15 minutes extra in bed this morning
    Weekend tomorrow
    Prospective baking

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