Squeeee I love the weekend!

And beer. I like beer a lot!

Fashion pirates!
I also must share the terrible terrible hilarity of the EW Twilight cover in which they plaster a Romance novel heroine Kristen Stewart to a man who used to be hot. Before he died. And was dragged from the grave by horror. I mean seriously, he’s supposed to look beautiful, but he looks scarily dead! Look at his hands! Ah ha ha the horror.

and it is also worth checking out the sparkly “fan” version. Oh Twilight. It’s so very bad.

PoF: warm
CO: Ok yeah, so I’m a little tipsy.


5 thoughts on “Squeeee I love the weekend!

  1. The problem is… the vampires just do not look good enough. Srsly.
    I like cider more than I like beer. There is some *really* nice cider here (pear, peach and berry flavours)!

  2. I love the pirate fashion shoot. the clothes are lovely, and the pictures are beautiful. I just wish they had used some hot guys for the male pirates. The guy with the eye patch is fine but the topless beer belly shot. Not quite my fantasy pirate I’m afraid.
    On the twilight cover I’m surprised they could make a good-looking guy look that bad. Did they get an undertaker to do the makeup? Also what is with the Eve holding the apple imagery? I struggle the connection between Garden of Eden and teen vangstpire romance. I don’t know the books but why would a vampire be tempted with an apple any way? Is he a vegan vampire?

  3. Debs, the Eve thing has been going on forever with these books. It’s actually the current cover art for Twilight: a woman’s hands holding a red apple. I think it’s kind of a thing, because Edward and his family don’t drink human blood, they drink the blood of animals.
    But then Bella comes along and is OMG so irresistible to him because her blood smells good and he actually loves her as well so every time he’s with her he is trying really hard not to kill her. Because nothing says love like “I am keeping myself from murdering you right now, and it’s really hard for me to do.”
    But yeah. Why isn’t he prettier?

  4. I guess ‘I love you so much that I have to keep myself from murdering you right now, and it’s really hard for me to do’ is slightly healthier than ‘I love you so much that I’m _am_ going to murder you’ but it does not sound like the basis of an enlightened or empowering storyline. I now get why one of the folks on the fan site you linked to has the icon: “Twilight Book Spoiler: Meyers sets feminism back 100 years.” And I thought they were being bitchy but maybe they had a point.

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