Books I’ve Read Lately

Besides the comforting Tamora Pierce, I have been reading stuff from the library.

Bride of the Water God vol 1 by Mi-gyong Yun.
It’s a very lovely Korean manga about a girl whose village sacrifices her to the water god to break the drought. Instead of dying she is taken to the realm of the water god, where she lives in his palace. It’s very good, the characters of the various gods are neat and the art is gorgeous. My only moan would be that the character of the lead is never really established.

Boston Jane: an Adventure by Jennifer Holm.
A young adult novel which is almost a cross between Little House on the Prairie and Bloody Jack. Jane starts off as an uncouth child, goes to finishing school and is basically brainwashed by the school, then decides to follow the man she is in love with to the frontier. Much of the book is taken up with the horror of the sea voyage, which I got sick of pretty fast.

Then it’s all about how she has to cope with Being a Lady when there is no civilisation. I did enjoy it, although it was a bit ham-fisted in it’s messages and characterisations. The author is a bit in love with certain historical figures that she wrote into the story but yeah, I liked it when I wasn’t cursing Jane for being so stupid.
I will probably seek out the sequel.

Fables: The Good Prince Volume 1 is focussed on Flycatcher and I just bought it yesterday, so I haven’t read too much of it yet. I like it though, the art is pretty and the characters are like old friends.
It rained lots and lots yesterday but that didn’t stop me and Star from going shopping and getting her some new stuff. And I also got some new stuff, even though I don’t really need it and am meant to be saving money. Never mind. I did resist buying an awful lot of stuff as well.

I have sold two tshirts on Trade Me, note to self: don’t do another $1 reserve auction because no one bids! Must make up some more tees today and list them, I think it’s good to grab people’s interest while I’m getting so many views. Also, I wrote 11-ish new pages of book yesternight so I’m feeling good about that. Had a bit of a slack week writing wise.

Next blog entry: Things I like to dream about! Coming soon to a blog near you.

PoF: warm
CO: do stuff on the weekend!


One thought on “Books I’ve Read Lately

  1. Oh… fables. I wants! I have the Time Travellers Wife on reserve btw 😉 Go Libraries!
    I really enjoy going shopping with Star 🙂
    Woot on selling 2 t-shirts. Does seem sensible to do more listing while you have more interest.
    Things I like to dream about: Nathan Fillion being very sexy (thank you Saturday night sleep).
    Things I don’t like to dream about: A ceiling covered with slugs that semi dry up and then fall on me (curse you this morning’s snooze alarm doze).

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