Things I Love Thursday

I really need to focus on happiness this Thursday, due to receiving very bad news indeed last night, re: our old apartment. Financial worries FTW!

So let’s have a look at some stuff I am actually happy about, and thankful for, and I can cherish instead of freaking out.

  • Mail from Giffy, little love letters and souveniers from the Tate Modern gallery, I especially love my �work of art� badge. Also Canada stickers and fake tattoos. I have a sparkly Canada flag on my lappy now. There�s something different, something so much more special about receiving a physical letter from someone you love. I teared up a little reading the lovely things Giffy had written, and it filled me with happiness. I think everyone should send a letter to someone they love, it�s so much easier than saying that kind of thing out loud and you�re giving them a treasure after all.
  • I am reading The Devil Wears Prada and it is an astonishingly good read, fast and witty and exciting. I can see that movie has taken a couple of liberties with the details but is ultimately faithful. I�m only a couple of chapters through but I am loving it to bits. Makes me want to go to New York like crazy.
  • The Film Festival starts tomorrow, and I have a few days off work so that I can sleep in and see daytime movies. I kind of wish I could take the whole two weeks off like I used to, but it somehow seems so frivolous to me now. I also don�t have enough annual leave so the question is moot anyway. My first movie is called Earth and is a spin-off/reduction of the BBC series Planet Earth. I really loved the ocean one of these that they did a couple of years back, so I�m really looking forward to seeing the footage of whales, wolves, sharks and tigers on the giant Embassy screen.
  • Overcoming writing related fear. I have been feeling disheartened about my writing, I think it�s a delayed reaction to the rejection letter actually. I have started imagining bad outcomes, like maybe I�ll never get published and maybe in ten years I�ll still be submitting something no one wants to read. But, I have been pushing through my negative thinking and continuing to write anyway. I have only had one rejection after all, so there�s no reason to give anything up. I have been making myself write as often as I have time for and I have been telling myself to continue.
  • This sneak preview of the Twilight movie, showing that when the vampires go to play Mountain top thunder baseball they actually wear baseball uniforms?! How do they be so lame? I also like how people in the comments are complaining that the movie looks “too dark”. Because a movie about a girl falling in love with a vampire, set in a town where it always always rains should definitely be all sweetness and light yeah?
  • The Shim Sham: demo video
    Which is harder than it looks, when you learn the whole thing in the space of an hour. From never having done it before. But it’s a challenge, and that means I feel extra good when I actually get it right. Damn transition from crossover to tappy Annie still foils me when I try to do it fast though. I am also pleased to be learning this because I know Giffy and Erik have learned it, and I feel connected to them.

Everyone already knows about this I’m sure, but I did really enjoy it so I link to Joss Whedon’s Dr Horrible, which is available free only until the 20th of July.

Honourable mentions: Rock Band 2 tracklist has been released and I am very excited about some of those tracks
and the super sexeh super edition drum kit they�re putting out for it. With actual cymbal bits. The way whenever I go to put in a USB key it�s always up the wrong way, Te Papa was evacuated yesterday so all the school holidays kids and tourists were forced out onto the sunshiney Wellington waterfront. Intentionally mishearing the repeat in Bernard Fanning�s Wish you well as �why�d you give up on Miso soup?�

PoF: abed
CO: trying not to break down with stress


4 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. *hugs*
    I cannot help with the apartment stuff, but I am SO sure you will be a published writer someday soon.
    Jenni! She is inspiringly wonderful, more than she may know. (Today I am going to write on my home on the train – entirely because you have inspired me!)
    Fuzzy fingerless gloves while I’m typing.
    Browsing in Dymocks and picking up a Bill Bryson book on Shakespeare that I did not know existed!
    Planning a letter to Giffy to write this weekend.
    Having something on after work almost every day!
    Housesitting a bath, I mean, cats. Oh and a house.

  2. Sorry to hear you have stress but good on you for doing smurfy TILT posting any way!
    – New Kitchen! Especially the joy of having a dishwasher when I haven’t had one for a while.
    – Dr Horrible Sing-a-long Blog. So worth the wait.
    – Having a DVD I’m very keen to watch on a cold rainy night. Snuggling up with the family and watching a good movie is the best way to spend winter eveneings.
    – Hot drinks. I am particularly obsessed with chai lattes at the moment but evening milos are always good too.
    – The cat forgetting how old she is and romping around like a kitten trying to bat and pounce the bib strings as they dangle from the clotheshorse. Maybe that is part of why cats can stay eternally cute; they never really stop acting like kittens (especially in the presence of wool and/or dangly things).
    – The same baby stuff I always put down – I never get sick of the baby cuteness but I suspect other people might if I keep going on about it…

  3. TiLT:
    My Jenni: I will get to talk to you today, Thursday my time! I’m so pleased you liked my letter. I forgot about all the Canada stuff I sent. I have more! Man, this letter was chocablock full of stuff. I really enjoy writing letters where I tell my loved ones ways in which I love them. I’m glad they come across as touching and not twee! I find it easy to tell people face to face that I love them too, but it’s hard to think of examples of why on the spot. Writing it down focuses and clarifies it so much more.
    Letters: I know at least 2 people planning letters for me and 2 more planning parcels. It’s even better when they actually *arrive* 😉 I’m also so happy to be spreading the joy of letters by sending them out.
    Networking: I have gotten such a thrill from hooking up Sok who wanted a bath with Amphigori who wanted a house-sitter. I feel like I done good.
    Staying in: As usual, I have had a busy week and it was so nice to *not go out* last night. Instead I did laundry, made dinner, did dishes, baked biscotti, made vegetable stock. Feeling all domesticated goddess. Tonight I hope to get to stay in *with* Beau. It’s even worth sharing the laptop for 😉

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