ten years huh

Last night, for the first time in ten years, I threw up. I really really hate throwing up so I don’t tend to put myself into situations where it might happen, I intentionally don’t get that drunk and generally if I am feeling nauseous I quell it with my iron will not to throw up.

But last night was different, despite being exhausted I was unable to get to sleep. At various times I couldn’t sleep because I was too hot, the air in the room was too cold, my neck ached, my jaw ached, I couldn’t get comfortable on my pillow, I had stabbing pain behind my eyes and a sinus ache.

Around 12.45am my stomach started being weird and I thought it was diarrhea starting but it wasn’t. Turns out even after ten years your body knows what to do if you’re going to vomit: run to toilet, let it all out, cough….

I only had the one session of it, which is good, but it was pretty full on. I don’t like it. I don’t like it one bit. On the other side, I was able to sleep pretty soon after I was done with that and I slept through til morning more or less.

This morning I have eaten some plain salted chips and drunk some lemonade.

I managed to drag myself to see Earth and confirmed that I really am sick with something there because I kept crying when….anything happened. Here’s my thought processes from the movie: Is there anything prettier than a polar bear? Oh, polar bear cubs are the cutest thing in the world. No, baby foxes are. Snowdrops are the prettiest thing in the world, they’re really my favourite flower. Is there anything prettier than a wolf? Giant herds of caribou are so beautiful I must cry about it. Caribou, even a baby caribou can outrun a wolf? I didn’t know that. The wolf catches up if the caribou loses its footing.
Elephants are beautiful, elephant calves are the prettiest thing in the world, herds of elephants migrating *cry*….etc.

It’s a seriously beautiful movie, extremely good time lapse photography and also amazing use of satellite footage to show receding snow, forests turning green, the effect of the flood on the Calihari Desert…amazing footage of humpback whales and great white sharks. Just over all breathtaking stuff. Must track down the full series on DVD I think.

Now my stomach is cramping. I am going to have a nap. Please cross fingers for me that there will be no more throwing up.

PoF: warm
CO: relax little stomach, everything will be fine.

Oh and in case you were wondering the last time I threw up, ten years ago was the night I drank too much scrumpy at Susan’s house.


3 thoughts on “ten years huh

  1. Aww hon, that’s so yuck for you:( Ginger beer, ginger and lemon tea, ginger quells nausea. Also flat lemonade. And sometimes lying on the bathroom floor is your friend…

  2. 😦 that sux. stress on top of being ill – no wonder your belly threw in the towel 😦
    hope it’s behaving itself betterer now. big, deep, cleansing breaths as well as ginger and peppermint can help control nausea, no matter the cause.

  3. You also got up to talk to me!! I loves you! I find the idea of you being all overwhelmed at the movie really cute.
    *hugs* and hope you feel better soon. Throwing up is no good. Thinking about it makes me think of the hell wait in Bangkok airport when I had a tummy bug had the plane was delayed. No Good.

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