Doing what I love

After reading this inspiring article that Gala linked to How to earn your first love dollar i.e. making money from doing what you love, I have had a couple of intriguing ideas.

If I was to offer the final, polished manuscript for Kiki to people I know for a small fee, would you be willing to pay for it? How much would you be willing to pay?

Must do for the love dollar making:
– more tshirt surgery for Trade Me
– Set up an etsy store and see if I get more interest through there
– rewrite ‘I Know, Right?’ for selling
– Write up ‘Robyn Hood and Her Merry Maids’, a scenario for Best Friends, in case someone somewhere would be interested in purchasing that.
– Keep on keeping on with my novel writing!

I wonder if anyone would be interested in paying me for my roleplaying writing. Well, there’s only the one way to find out πŸ™‚

Off Topic, here’s the website for the Earth movie I saw yesterday. Love Earth is full of the beautiful nature photography. May send some ecards now.


8 thoughts on “Doing what I love

  1. Good to hear you’re feeling better.
    I want to wait & buy Kiki from off the shelf next to Meg Cabot. I’m imaging it to have a cover like her books. I’m going to enjoy going to the counter & telling people that you’re one of my best friends.
    Sorry sweet by the t-shirts aren’t my thing. Have you thought about going back to making soft toys? I still have & love my Jonty bear you made for me in 5th form? Though not sure how J would be in me expanding my toy collection but we do have a small niece;p

  2. I don’t know that I’m the demographic for Kiki :).
    With the t-shirts, it might be worth picking a range of conversions you particularly enjoy doing, and get really polished and quick at doing them – you’ll get a better return for your time, and if they look more like finished garments you’ll probably have a better sale rate. Oh, and, photos. Pictures are your lifeblood for internet sales, so it’s worth playing around in an image editing program to make sure you can get good colours, decent contrast, sharp images etc. You’ve got the advantage there of being your own cute model – maybe play more with fun pictures a-la Gala Darling?
    And, omigod, TOTALLY write up your roleplaying stuff – that’s got really good potential as being the kind of thing you can make once and sell over and over again.

  3. Actually, further thoughts re the Gala Darling thing – if you can do a new and awesome t-shirt thing on a regular basis, you could look at getting a blog – something like WordPress or Typepad or whatever, where folk can hook it into a feed really easily and the mechanisms are all in place for customisation, design, etc. If you can keep the content regular and appealing and the design interesting, you may get readers. If you get readers, you may get buyers. If you’ve got content, you could email Ms Darling herself, because I bet if she likes it, she’d link it, and she has readers who’re (judging from the commments) very likely to click through to links like that.
    And, hey. You know what? She seems like such a sweetheart, I bet if you thought about some stuff and emailed her, she’d give fabulous advice. And she’s someone who’s done a stellar job of making a living doing something she loves :D.
    I think the roleplaying writing thing is an awesome idea, as well, because you’ve got skills and chops. How would you go about approaching a market for that?

  4. There are heaps of online venues for selling .pdf’s of games, I guess I’d just approach them via email to see if they’d be willing to take on stuff from me. I can ask Morgue about that though πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the tips Rachel, I will do what I can!
    Chelle: soft toys I think would be harder to make money from because there are already a heap of handmade stuff available on Trade Me and elsewhere and they take more time to make, meaning I’d want to price them higher. I’m happy to take commissions though!

  5. I’d pay for a self-published copy of Kiki, from lulu or or similar. $15 or so. If you grouped together a few copies, the postage wouldn’t be too steep even at lulu. You may even be able to print through lulu without making your stuff available for the general public (you could always remove the book after printing a half dozen copies regardless) so it wouldn’t prevent future publication by an NZ based publisher. They would be ‘proofing copies’, more or less, in a format that’s easy to read πŸ™‚
    Formatting for lulu isn’t too hard, though I had to make a few adjustments to margins after getting a proof copy for the Kapcon book.

  6. Hey πŸ™‚
    I’d definitely buy a self-published version of Kiki. I think I’d want it to be in book form though – like Matt’s idea. You could do the cover art too πŸ™‚

  7. Looks like the cost through lulu would be about US$8.52 – $9.52 depending on number of pages (200 – 250) per book. It also looks like they ship from Oz if you pick the right size, so postage might not be so killer. That would allow a little room for a few love dollars per book πŸ˜‰
    Of course, I’d be even keener to buy a copy from my local bookstore once a publisher picks it up!

  8. It looks like Createspace might be slightly cheaper than lulu if you set up the book before the end of this month (they have a promotion letting people sign up to a cheaper per-unit option without the usual establishing fee running until the end of this month). It may come down to differences in shipping costs between the two.

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