Second film fest movie

A Complete History of my Sexual Failures was an awesomely entertaining documentary. It was gut-wrenchingly honest on the part of the film maker, and so very painful in lots of different ways.
The premise was basic, interview all his exes and try to find out what’s wrong with himself that he keeps getting dumped. Getting the exes to agree to be filmed was difficult to say the least, but his Mum organised some for him in the end. So cute.

Along the way it became clear that he was having trouble with erectile dysfunction and the middle part of the movie is dedicated to trying to sort that out (doctor’s visit, we see the uh, whole thing, accupunture, tantric massage, a visit to a dominatrix, viagra….). As I said, he was brutally honest all through. You couldn’t help but feel sympathy for him.

It was by turns shocking, endearing, emotional and hilarious. I would recommend it to anyone who doesn’t have an aversion to honesty. In fact it was so good I started to wonder if it was all an act, but well, have a look at the website and make up your own mind. Complete History.

It is screening again in the film festival on the 21 July at 4:15pm at the Paramount.

PoF: bed
CO: Optimism


3 thoughts on “Second film fest movie

  1. It really was amazing. Lee and I were talking about it again yesterday and laughing about it. It was interesting because even though it’s clear that Chris was a total dead beat boyfriend and kind of all round useless you couldn’t help but be on his side, because he was just being so very honest with us.

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