Film Festival day three

I had a lax day on Sunday, Lee got a work call in the middle of the night so we slept in, me til 9am, Lee til 10ish. I got “up”, where up means onto the couch with my robe on and got under the duvet in a couch nest, mooched about online and did some typing of What’s the Worst That Could Happen?.

Lee’s sister and bro-in-law came over for some Shim Shamming, basically we taught Lee and practised ourselves. It was nice to see them and their babies, both nieces were in good cheerful form, despite some initial, uncharacteristic shyness on Swearing niece’s behalf. It was also good to just dance with some other people around. I also made scones in the first time since forever. They were good. Note to self: double batch if you want any left over. Note to self the second: Get a low edged basket for the serving of hot scones.*

At 4.30 I went to see Persepolis which has got some press I think because the Iranian government has disapproved of it. It is an animated autobiography, which I have read the books of, way way back in 2004. The movie was gorgeous, funny, scary and sad. Marjane was around 8 or 9 when the Islamic Revolution changed her way of life, and she is very upfront about her various reactions to that. Very very good.

Tonight: Icelandic cop movie.

PoF: cold feet
CO: burritos for dinner…

*My Mum has one. Whenever we had scones they would be served from within a clean tea towel lined basket. Keeps them warm and rustic.


2 thoughts on “Film Festival day three

  1. That’s just how my mum serves scones! mmmmm! Maybe it’s a mum thing. They seem so much more scone like if they are in a basket with tea towel.

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