stay a while

Today I posted the first few chapters of Kiki to Longacre. Longacre do not mention how long it will take them to get back to you, so I’m going to forget about it (ha ha) and just see what happens.
I will focus on my current writing, which is going well, even if I am a smidge writer’s blocky in terms of the next plot point. I’ll get there.

Film festival movies I have seen since I last updated:

Jar City, Icelandic cop movie. CSI: Reykjavik. Svend has already written about it here. I really liked it, for a bunch of reasons which include awesome main characters, twisty strange mystery, funny jokes and intelligent plot.
I also liked it because it made me think of an awesome episode of awesomeness for our PTA game in which my character and Svend’s do the whole police procedural thing. So cool.

Ben X is a study of a teenager with Asperger’s who has a rich and full life on an MMPORG but is unable to fit in at school, and is in fact, constantly bullied. Morgue has written it up here, but I think I liked it more than he did. Maybe. I really liked all the blending of the online animation and the real world. I loved the main character to pieces, we had insight into his thoughts via voiceover, which helped, since it was an almost silent performance from him.
It was a difficult film to watch, with the bullying and the people being cruel or indifferent. That said, it was worth it. The pay off is awesome.

Do I say awesome too much? I don’t know.

At the Kirk’s sale I purchased cheap legwarmers, grey ones and red knitted over the knee warmers with silver knitted through. Half price at $8.00 a pair makes Jenni happy. I also bought some gorgeous fine woven grey cotton tights with a vertical line built in. They are soft and lovely and I can’t wait to wear them.
I am also a little in love with fresh white men’s singlets but even the small is a smidge too big for me, I took up the shoulders by two inches each side. I also bought the new Meg Cabot book Airhead from Borders, then came home and did some writing of new stuff for my chicklit. As I say above I’m a little plot-stuck but I’m not worried. It will come to me.

Tonight: Married Life, featuring Rachel McAdams.

PoF: post-bath warm
CO: sleep is nice


6 thoughts on “stay a while

  1. Good work with the sending off to Longacre 🙂
    The shopping sounds *good*, especially cotton tights. I love those guys!
    I say awesome a lot. If life and things are really awesome, I don’t think you can say it too much.

  2. Thanks Matt!
    Giffy and Sass: I have come to realise that the legwarmers are quite ugly, but they are warm so I will wear them only under jeans.

  3. Giffy, I shall take some photos and let you be the judge. I suspect no, because they are loose at each end and tight in the middle, but maybe I will grow to find them cute….

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