Things I Love Thursday

At home, under a blanket with a constantly running nose, I try to focus my muzzy muzzy mind on what I am thankful for this week.

  • The Film Festival. Everything I have seen so far has been exceptionally good, with the exception of To each his own cinema which only had parts of good. Last night we saw Married Life and this morning I dragged my sniffly nose of doom to see Sharkwater. Both as I said, were exceptionally good. Shark water made me want to Save sharks, especially when they put up the estimate that the worldwide shark population has recently decreased by 90%. That’s not a small percent.
    You can see the trailer for it on the official website and see how cute the documentarian is. Also, how cool sharks are, and some of the gorgeous shots of whales, sharks and seals, etc in the image galleries.

  • Layers of clothing that keep me warm in the bitter icey cold. It is very bitter and icey out there today. I *heart* my fur lined hoodie.
  • Juicy boigers. I am addicted to Burger Fuel. So so good.
  • Vicks Vaporub. It clears my nose and allows me to sleep. Plus I love the smell of it.
  • I just read the final trade paperback of Y: The Last Man which I liked. The whole series has the feel of an action movie, but a road movie with lots of action in it. I wonder how it will translate to the big screen….I wonder if Shi LeBeouf will be able to portray the Yorick I love from the comic.
  • My Lee, who does not judge me but supports me and who I am trying very hard to make life easy for in any way I can, to relieve some of the stress. He’s a honey.
  • Allysa’s bakery have tasty donuts, gingerbread and Belgian biscuits. If it wasn’t for Mr Bun it’d probably be my closest bakery as well, well, maybe the Cosy Cake shop would be.

Honourable mentions: Via Cleolinda,
Dinosaur in the museum?
I’m with the kid, I’d be crying. But it’s super cool to watch from the safety of a video! Slow cooker burritos, writing, being inside out of the rain, having a clean house and going to sleep at night when I am warm and safe and comfortable.

PoF: warm layers
CO: blowing my nose


3 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. I must borrow Y:The Last Man when I return.
    You make me jealous regarding all the close and handy bakeries. Not that I don’t have plenty here!
    Your Lee is awesome. I also suspect he is responsible for the honourable slow cooker mention.
    Vicks and Dettol are 2 childhood smells I sometimes crave (I’ve been known to put Dettol in a bath or in laundry).
    – making vague plans and then having friends say that you *must* hang out with them instead!
    – many movies to watch, we’re planning to see Kung Fu Panda, Wall E and possibly the Dark Knight. All in the next week!
    – Convenient meals that *I’ve* made and frozen.
    – Unexpected compliments and just feeling pretty.
    – My beloved Beau.
    – Holidays being organised.
    – Friends and whanau.

  2. Layers are such win. I love that with layery stuff you can kinda pull one set of sleeves down over your hands, and an other bit can get tucked (oh-so-sexily) into your trousers, and something else up around your chin, and at no point does any skin hit the air.
    The dinosaur was AWESOME.
    I also love Vicks.

  3. I have spangly legwarmers now, thanks to your excellent recommendation:)
    Where’s Allysa’s bakery? I loved the Cosy Cake Shop when I was working in NEC House (or whatever it’s called now) – their green green peppermint slices and yellow yellow saussie rolls!

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