Squee free stuff!

I got a letter to say that a courier hadn’t managed to deliver a package to my house from overseas. I thought it was a present from Giffy, which would have been awesome, but what I got was a free book from Meg Cabot!

It’s Allie Finkle’s Rules for Girls: volume 2 and a little white board for my own rules. So cute. The book is an uncorrected proof but it’s shiny and colourful and pretty, I put myself down for the giveaway on the off chance they would send it to an adult fan.


Now I just have to get hold of the first book in the series….

Just in case you were planning it, packages don’t get delivered to our home address. I think because the mail room is a garage which has its door open all day so there’s a security risk. So, if you’re going to send me presents, use my work address.
I thoroughly encourage anyone who can to send me presents.


4 thoughts on “Squee free stuff!

  1. Nice. How did you come to be the fortunate recipent of a free book?
    Writing competition? Sounds good. Best of luck for whatever it is.

  2. Debz, click on my name above for info on the writing comp, it’s being run by stuff.co.nz.
    I got the free book by reading Meg Cabot’s blog and emailing my name and address when she mentioned that they had giveaways. Will be doing it again in the future I think!

  3. Yay for free stuff! I still haven’t sent you anything this week, although I have it all in my bag… I try to make my stuff mailbox slot sized. It’s the same for me though, parcels can not be delivered to me at home and I’m only working 3 more weeks! Wheeee!

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