My throat is full of gunk. My brain is still fluff, my nose continues to run.
On the upside, it is now the weekend, and all I have planned for today is to sit in darkened theatres and be entertained.

From Cleolinda, the terrifying behaviour of Twilight fans is collected here. I especially recommend the video of Robert Pattinson’s reaction to the panel he appeared in.

Empties is the story of an old teacher who retires after wringing out a smelly sponge on an annoying student’s head. For the fourth time. Unable to remain still (or at home with his wife) he tries doing other jobs. It’s good and funny and warm and the lead’s machinations with those around him (match-making and subtle steering) were nicely done.
I liked it a lot.

After we saw that Lee and I had an antipasto platter at Stellar, which was nice. I especially liked the garlic bread and the artichoke.

Work yesterday was hard, not because of work, but because of my state of brain fuzz. I know I was busy all day but I don’t know what I actually got done. Didn’t make it to the wrestling like I had wanted to, because all day I was fighting not to just fall asleep. Well, I’ll go to the next one.

I read the second book of the Boston Jane series, which was much more satisfying because she wasn’t as whiney. She also talks about craft and baking, therefore I think Giffy should read them. I have the third one ready to read but the second Monster Blood Tattoo book is due back at the library first, so I am reading that now.

Vicks remains my friend.

PoF: in bed
CO: can I get stuff done today or should I take it easy?


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