Cinderella on Ice

In contrast to Evie’s entry on the same show, here’s how I thought the story of Cinderella on Ice went. Note to self, buy the programme first next time. Don’t assume you know the story!

Cinderella’s mother dies and she is very sad. Luckily her kind father puts her on a magical flying bed.
Ten years later a carnival comes to town and charms everyone, including attractive velvet coat guy. Cinderella dances with everyone in town, not sure if she was sleeping with everyone or leading on all the boys or just very friendly. Her father has remarried a fabulously dressed but mean woman who doesn’t really want to dance with him and encourages her daughters to exclude Cinderella.

Cinderella and her Dad have a very close relationship but he doesn’t seem to realise that she’s being bullied. He is amazing and can skate while carrying two other people.

The carnival brought Cindy’s Gypsy Godmother to town and she causes all the clocks to go haywire. Cinderella’s father it turns out, is a watchmaker and stays up all night with his two apprentices trying to battle the crazy clocks. But they don’t come out to dance so it’s useless.

There’s this whole bit where they put on a ballet, which was a clever way to re-use the Swan Lake costumes from last year I think. Cinders is the best at dancing and falls in love with a buff ballet guy up until she sees velvet coat guy who has come to inspect the dancers with his father the Mayor of town. One of the stepsisters fails at being Odette so Cinderella gets to do it and then everyone loves her even more because she is the most awesome.

Celebratory/Angsty romantic ice dancing from Cinderella and Velvet coat where they keep missing each other. A bit like that Kylie and Jason music video from the 80’s.

In the morning the Mayor is giving everyone invites and Cinderella gets one but the stepsisters don’t because they don’t want to talk to the mayor, which is weird because they are in love with his son. Stepmother tells them off and they all pretend to include Cinderella and accept her so that they can steal her invitation

Cinderella runs crying to the gypsy who can help but warns that if she stays past midnight she will invoke the 13 o’clock, which involves fire and terror and badness. Personally I think 13 o’clock is the best character ever and needs to be in every story I write from now on. People with creepy symbols on sticks march about for way too long before making their symbols into a carriage that glows like magnesium. It was very ominous.


A reminder of the gypsy’s warning: personifications of each hour on the clock do a dance.
At the ball everyone can just come in because apparently the invitations don’t matter. Velvet coat has a new silvery velvet coat and can’t wait to show it off to Cinders, but she hasn’t arrived yet. There is lots of dancing. The town dressmaker and the mayor try to find the perfect woman (i.e. Cinders) by looking under the masks of all the ladies. Ooh err.

Cinderella and the gypsy show up and dance about. Velvet coat guy has to dance with the stepsisters and one of them makes him fall down (not on purpose) and then he is dancing with both and whacks them into each other so that they fall down. Which is kind of mean, but they won’t leave him alone because they are like Twilight fans or something.

Velvet coat and Cinderella get to dance together at last and they have an awesome time and everyone else kind of disappears like in the Pride and Prejudice movie where it’s just the two of them in the crowded room.

Then all the boys did a dance together and Velvet coat guy did this awesome ice skate jig and it was cool. Then ohnoes, it was 12 o’clock and I was all like, if the gypsy is right there why doesn’t she just remind Cinderella not to stay too late but she left it until like a minute before 12 to mention it and it was too late by then. Cinderella had to cope with all the clock hours coming to the ball and being scary and then 12 o’clock chased her and then the whole clock kind of ate her.

Somewhere in there her shoe came off and I can’t remember who got it off her, it could have been her father who was trying to stop 13 from stealing her, or it could have been 13 trying to catch hold of her. Anyway she had to skate on one foot.

Velvet coat gets the shoe and goes into the town square where everyone is very sympathetic to his plight but is too busy going home to get nookie to help him. The street sweeper tries to offer him nookie but he says no.

In the morning the dressmaker invites all the girls to try on the left behind boot but their feet are all wrong. Watching women skate with just one boot is a bit nerve racking. The stepsisters come to try on the boot and Velvet coat vetoes them subtly to the dressmaker, she tried the boot on their feet backwards so they definitely wouldn’t win.

The gypsy invokes the alive clock and they return Cinders through a trapdoor int he stage. She fits the boot and there is much happy dancing.

I’m pretty sure Cinderella’s father and the gypsy are in love by this point, because he gives her his pocket watch and did a ‘love’ gesture dance, but she has to leave with the carnival. Besides, he’s already married.
Then everyone else disappears too so that Velvet coat and Cinderella can have a romantic ‘now we are in love’ dance in which they are so happy they fly in the air quite a bit. It was very pretty.

The End.

But then the ice show dancers did an encore, which was awesome because it was just everyone doing their best tricks again. So good.

PoF: abed
CO: getting better


6 thoughts on “Cinderella on Ice

  1. i suspect that i just enjoyed your retelling much more than i would have enjoyed the ice-show! or that i would enjoy the ice show especially if watching after reading your interpretation.
    it is coooold, but all this talk of ice makes me crave the iceblocks in my freezer!

  2. It sounds so cool. I’ve read both your and Evie’s versions and awesomeness!
    Your Twilight fans scene cracked me up so much! We’re not Twilight fans… are we?

  3. The show is quite entertaining, spectacular skating and all the leading characters are well played – Cinders is nice and soft, Velvet Coat (that is Andrei Penkine, and he was danced Benno in Swan Lake on Ice, and I loved him in that role)is dashing..
    But story is not well thought through – the trouble of finding an invitation for Cinders has no ground – the party is open for everyone. And why the mayor wants a masquerade if the whole purpose is to find Cinders for his velvet coat son?!

  4. I have seen the show in Melb…they have altered the story in a big way…
    To begin the show, town square, people leisurely chatting, the mayor and dressmaker come to the theatre and posted a Swan Lake poster. A charming velvet coat with a suitcase coming to the scene – he is the mayor’s son coming back from somewhere ;-))

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