The weekend’s movies

Animation for Kids. This is the first year in forever, maybe ten years, where I have made the decision not to see Animation Now! There’s just too many boring annoying wanky ones. On the other hand, the kids collection is always fun, vibrant and story oriented. Therefore much better viewing.

I enjoyed this collection a lot actually, there was a very cool one called ‘The Goat Who Ate Time’, I liked ‘Animatou’ with all the different animal styles, the gorgeous look of ‘T�t ou tard’ about a squirrel and a bat and the fun of ‘A Sunny Day’.

I also really liked Homage to the grip (actual video!) Because it is fun and cute and colourful and has drama and neat music.

Max & Co is a Swiss/French stop motion animation feature about a city of animals and a corrupt corporation. There are also themes about genetic engineering, love, and the redemption of a deadbeat father.

It was very stylish and coherent, the whole thing just looked great and all the characters were so very cool. Plus, the feline lady Cat looked a lot like Giffy.

Robin Hood. I don’t think I had ever seen an Errol Flynn movie before this, I liked it. It was very OTT and campy and silly but great fun. I liked realising that they cast someone not as pretty as Errol Flynn to play Will Scarlet, and the kind of random reactions people had at various times. My favourite bit was when Prince John, Guy of Gisborne and an evil bishop are conspiring to kill King Richard, they finish up and see a skirt corner disappear – Lady Marian has been eavesdropping! They follow her a little way. Prince John says “She might have heard us.”

The others agree, they all stare after her ominously, then as one, turn and go back the way they came.
Yeah, because if someone overhears you plotting treason, it’s probably fine, right?

After that I met Svend, Amphigori and Lamprey and we saw Mongol . The story of the childhood and adolescence of Genghis Khan and his rise to power. It’s the first of a projected trilogy and I will want to see the next ones. It was a bit slow, but the actors all had a lot of charisma and were very engaging. Very very pretty Mongolian landscapes.

Let the Right One in is the story of a 12 year old boy who is being bullied at school, who makes friends with the girl who moves in next door. The girl is a vampire. As you can imagine, it was dark and scary and vicious, she was a very hungry 12 year old vampire. It was exceptionally well made, creepy and dark and shocking, and very disturbing as their relationship developed. It also had some very tender moments to balance it out.

I’m not in a hurry to see it again, but I definitely recommend it to horror fans.


2 thoughts on “The weekend’s movies

  1. I think I’d be more tempted by Animation for Kids than Animation Now, for the same reasons you expressed. Mongol was just recently on in the movies here. I didn’t get to it, but heard positive reviews.
    Did Amphigori *love* it?

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