Monday night movies

Lee bought a Playstation 3 on the way home from work yesterday. We weren’t able to mess around with it for too long though, we had to go to Brooklyn for a couple of film festival movies at the Penthouse.
How best to explain Fighter?
Ways in which Fighter is exactly the same as Bend it Like Beckham.

  • Asian teenage girl loves a sport and is forbidden to play it by her family.
  • Father wants teenage girl to be a doctor. excel academically.
  • Teenage girl has an older sibling who is getting engaged, but the fiance’s family is very strict and teenage girl’s playing of forbidden sport destroys engagement.
  • Teenage girl falls in love with a boy connected to the sport who is not of a race her parents will approve of.
  • Teenage girl excels at forbidden sport and shows her worth that way.
  • Teenage girl is dramatically torn between her culture and her passion for forbidden sport

Ways in which Fighter differs from Bend it Like Beckham.

  • Lead girl is Turkish, not Indian and the movie is set in Denmark, not England, her family is Muslim instead of Sheik. Sikh.
  • The forbidden sport is Kung Fu
  • Older sibling is a brother
  • White boy connected to sport is not as hot as Jonathan Rhys Meyers
  • Rather than getting her family to approve of her excellence in sport, Aicha ‘won’ by losing to the Turkish boy who is mean to her.
  • Fighter had ninjas in it.
  • Fighter was neither as fun or uplifting as Bend it Like Beckham.

Following a dinner of UpandGo and cheezels, we saw The Savages.

This movie wasn’t as funny and lighthearted as the write up and the first 20 minutes implied it would be. It was actually a very sad, introspective look at what it’s like when your parents grow old and senile. Laura Linney and Phillip Seymour Hoffman were fantastic, utterly believable as siblings. Both sweet, damaged, neurotic characters.

I loved this movie, it’s really fantastic, but yeah, sadder than the black comedy we had thought we were in for.

PoF: hyperactive
CO: salad?


10 thoughts on “Monday night movies

  1. i missed the dinner bit and then was trying to work out what the ‘upandgo’ that Sass was talking about was. something like “Up Word” and “Fandango” mixed into a food-cooking thing…

  2. I want to see The Savages! Philip Seymour Hoffman – good!
    MMmm I want the fandango that Zephfi imagined. Delicious.

  3. Giffy, you are right. Wiki says that in Bend it they wanted her to be a solicitor.
    Sok: It’s bound to come back, it has heaps of showings in the fest and big stars in it. Man it was so good.
    Pearce: If you can believe it, it’s a really really wanky use of ninjas. There are sequences where she is running from or fighting a ninja and it symbolises her self-doubt.

  4. Psst, “Sikh”, not “Sheik”. And aww, “Fighter” sounded pretty neat until the third-to-last and last differences :(. Bend it Like Beckham with Kung Fu? So promising.

  5. Rachel: It was still a good movie, it was just very much like deja vu all the the way through. Plus her Kung Fu teacher was in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and insisted that everyone speak English in the dojo. I just….it made me want to watch Bend it Like Beckham again.
    And Lee and I were both uneasy with the losing to the mean Turkish guy as a way to gain respect/justify doing kung fu/succeed in terms of story.

  6. I suspect the preferred profession impacted on me a bit harder than on you as I had the whole “parent wants her to be a doctor” thing actually happen to me. Although Dad now says Mum really wanted me to *marry* a doctor, but didn’t think it was PC to say so… which I did…. so win-win?

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