Tuesday movie

Another movie that made me sad, thematically very similar to The Savages was And when did you last see your father?

This movie is bound to come back, seeing as how it stars Jim Broadbent, Colin Firth, Juliet Stevenson and Gina McKee (who was in Notting Hill). It’s a movie about living with an overwhelmingly blustering, loud, embarrassing, overbearing Father and coming to terms with losing someone you both love and hate.

Jim Broadbent is diagnosed with terminal cancer in the start of the movie, and son Colin Firth moves in to help his mum care for him. Much of the movie is flashbacks to childhood and the various good and bad moments that make up a life. Family secrets are explored also.

As you would expect from the cast, it is very well acted and really a fantastic movie. Mostly lighthearted, the theme of death is still present most of the time and it becomes very emotional indeed.
Highly recommended.

Then I came home and we borrowed Rock Band and started a new band called Daddy Issues 2.0 in honour of Veronica Mars and the movies from the past few days. And since we’re unlocking songs for our PS3 we played a lot of low tier songs incredibly well. I drum with Jenni Talula, an anime fairy and Lee made another guitarist called Lee Clapton. Fun times.

I have the next few days off work, and although the weather is shockingly bad I intend to enjoy them very much.

To do: Tshirt surgeries for Trade Me
Rock Band practice, working on getting to expert level on drums
Lots of writing of novel
Visiting parents
Writing up some roleplaying stuff
Visit Te Papa?
Attend Film festival day time screenings
See The Dark Knight

Lee has my cold. It is affecting him pretty badly…I won’t say he’s malingering just yet though, because I remember that Thursday and Friday last week I wasn’t feeling that crash hot.

PoF: not up
CO: fun time holiday!


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