On Wednesday I saw…

Svend at the Film Archive, where together we watched a short documentary about an old Swedish couple called Swedish Tango. It was very nice and sweet and it made me want to dance and it made me very happy to be in a loving relationship and everything.

Then I met up with my Angel-in-Law and purchased silky polyester in brown with green and cream spots all overlapping on each other. Then we came back and Lee and I saw The Dark Knight which, at the risk of being terribly unhip I have to say I didn’t love.

I can’t quite yet put my finger on why I didn’t love it, it’s partly because it was such a very bleak movie that it wasn’t much fun to watch, and it’s partly because I didn’t feel like it was a story about Batman at all, more a movie about the GCPD and Harvey Dent, and although I really thought Heath was a very good Joker I just….meh. Plus, it really needed an edit.

So, after that we had Nando’s for dinner, and played some kick-ass Rock Band and then I met up with Mr Svend again for The Man From London, which really, re-reading the write up, I should have known better. Svend has already mentioned that it was slow. I was going to do with an understatement of ‘it’s not pacey’. In fact, I was so tempted to leave when I realised that the opening shot of a boat was in fact going to last five minutes.

It was very artfully made, to be sure, and there was an interesting story in there, but I think that if it was up to me it would be roughly an hour shorter. I was pleased that Lee had not fallen for my madness and got a ticket, because he would have complained

Thursday I just saw one movie at the cinema, and I very nearly didn’t go, but I’m glad I did. It was The Universe of Keith Haring and it was upbeat and fun and cool, and I remembered just how much I love his work. He seemed like a good person. The doco was pieced together from interviews with his friends and family and footage of Keith himself. Yoko Ono was very cool, she talked about his funeral. It made me want to paint and to alter tshirts and to make things for the people I love. And take photos, and sew stuff.

I did some shopping and then came home to type. My superhero chicklit is up to 46, 238 words, so yay me.

Then it was some more Rock Band and people came over and we watched another movie for movie night.

PoF: Gala
CO: Now to look at the goodies on the online Keith Haring account.


4 thoughts on “On Wednesday I saw…

  1. Wows! Your chicklit count is hugely awesome.
    What is your movie count going to be this year?
    Sewing is good. Your dress sounds lovely πŸ™‚

  2. The Dark Knight is definitely a story about Harvey Dent and the Joker, and while Batman has a lot of interesting moral dilemmas and issue his development and story really do revolve around the other characters. I don’t really care that much about Batman so this was perfect for me.
    I’m not sure that Nolan’s vision of Batman is really about Batman at all either. Sure Batman Begins was an origin story, but both films were really about Gotham, the system and the social structure. They are far more social commentary than anything else, and they use Batman as a character to comment on that.
    Note: I thought the first film was about Bruce Wayne and not about Batman at all.

  3. Giffy: It is awesome, and I wrote a heap of new stuff today while on the train. Photos of the dress at the Windy Lindy can be expected in about a month. Movie count….not too sure. I will let you know after tomorrow.
    Jarratt: But I love Batman with fiery fangirl passion and I want his movies to be about him, so it is disappointing to me.

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