Things I Love Thursday

Nice and early today 🙂

  • I love Rock Band and I love that I have gotten past a couple of mental/physical blocks on drumming and bits that used to confuse the hell out of me now make sense. It’s good to notice that your skills are improving. I also love buying new clothes and shoes for my sprites.
  • I am grateful for Time off work when I am not feeling sick, and can get stuff done. I have big plans for today, yesterday I saw a couple of movies and bought fabric for my dress for the Windy Lindy swing ball and my Angel-in-law is starting work on it now….exciting! I also posted a book someone won off me and changed the sheets on the bed and played Rock Band and finished reading….
  • Once Upon a Time in the North is a little shot novel by Phillip Pullman, set int the world of His Dark Materials. It’s about a young Lee Scoresby and his first meeting with Iorek Byrnison. It’s very good if you like those characters, which I do. I got it out from the library, but if you buy it you get a ‘rally to the North Pole’ board game with it.
  • I love that nightfall is getting later, it really makes a difference to me if the sun is still out at 5.30pm, it means that summer is actually coming and I won’t be trapped in midwinter forever. Sometimes I forget these things.
  • My friends and family. It’s nice to see so much of Svend during the festival, as well as a few other dedicated film festivaller friends. Plus aforementioned Angel-in-law making me a dress for no payment, and bonding with Lee’s sister as a result of taking up swing. I really am lucky to have so many lovely people in my life.

Honourable mentions: Getting into bed with clean sheets and having a warm night under a flannel sheet and a polar fleece blanket, letting myself not write and not feeling guilty, snuggling, hot chocolate, fresh scones, oaty hotcakes, legwarmers, laughing.
Please do share your list of happy-making things!


3 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. I love that Thursday is massage day and movie night:) I love hearing about exciting dresses that will be made! At the moment I love that I’m inside while it’s yuck outside.

  2. I love:
    Talking about exciting creative things with workmates!
    Formatting things correctly (oh what a geek!)
    Looking forward to exciting activities
    Booking travel to see friends
    Going to the gym (bizarre!)
    Forgetting how to spell bizarre. Bizzarre? Bizzare? Bizzle-arrrr? (Snoop-dogg pirate version)
    Watching my workmate wave her long stripey scarf in the air and say “wooo doctor suess!”
    Not freezing on the way to work, and getting raindrops caught in my hair.
    Making this list 🙂

  3. TiLT
    – Mornings when the streets are still wet from rain, but the sky above is a brilliant blue.
    – Personal Letters, receiving, sending, reading and writing. There is joy in each step of the process.
    – Having more stickers than I know what to do with, so actually *using* then rather than just hoarding them for a later date.
    – Babies, my friend Bean went into Labour today! It was also the Wailer’s birthday yesterday and this Friday is my Pika’s last day in the “Baby” room at daycare!
    – Friends, it is seriously touching to be told both “we miss you and can’t wait for you to come back” and “don’t go back to NZ, stay here!”

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