So, you might have seen this already because it is meant to be doing the internet rounds, but Cleolinda’s been keeping me updated. The Montauk Monster. Awesome. Most especially awesome is this article (also from gawker) about why we care about the monster which pretty much hits every reason I care right smack on the head.

Yesterday I went to see my folks on the train. I looked at pretty waves in the sea and flooded fields and swollen creeks. I also got lots of new writing for my chicklit done so yay, although I managed to make myself sad by writing a sad scene which wasn’t quite what I had thought would happen.

Last night we had dinner at Arashi, which we also did two weeks ago and I have to say I love it there. I much prefer their chicken kiraage to the one you get a Kazu bar, it’s less greasy and more…peppery? But it’s not that peppery. It’s just better ok? Plus, they do takoyaki which I adore.

Then we saw The Escapist which is a prison escape movie made of awesome. None of the important characters were guards, none of the characters told yarns about why they were in jail, it was just a very tight, exciting action thriller with characters you care about and Joseph Fiennes doing a damn good Vin Diesel impression. He really didn’t look that tall in Shakespeare in Love.(If you click the movie title link he’s the one in the hoodie. Or it’s slightly bigger here and wow, that picture makes the pretty boy look like a frog. Weird.)

This movie did make me wonder though, why the bad guys in prison movies (Shawshank, American History X) are always so rapey, but I guess it ties into the commonly held idea of what happens in prison. I mean, you do get those jokes about big men and their bitches all the time in all kinds of media, so if you want to make a scary prison movie it makes sense to use that stereotype and show just how scary that situation is.

Overnight my neck started hurting like crazy, so I didn’t sleep in today. I shall now go and do some typing up of stuff I’ve written.

Oh and The Dog Blog has updated. So many awesome dogs. I especially love pitch black enthusiasm dog.


3 thoughts on “Monster!

  1. Arashi should have better food than Kazu bar. It’s a proper restaurant. I can’t wait to have access to good Japanese food again.
    Training up the coast sounds great 🙂

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