Last day of the Film Festival

I really wish I had put the word around and encouraged more of my friends to come to see Mechanical Love. It is a documentary about the advent of robots, specifically about whether you can give an android human presence. It was all very Chobits-ish. It was weird and sad and cool and I liked it a lot.

Svend had managed to double book himself, so Lee got the extra ticket to The Romance of Astrea and Celadon, kind of against his will. It was a strange film. Imagine a not-so-good writer trying to write a Shakespearian romantic comedy, they have the basic stuff: misunderstandings, cross dressing, people thinking someone is dead,etc. But they leave out the stuff that makes it make sense. Ok, you with me? Now imagine that play being put on by a bunch of not-very-talented actors.

Yeah. It was pretty funny actually, in that This Movie is so Bad it’s Good way.
Final movie of the festival was Evanaglion 1.0: You are Not Alone which we had four friends accompany us to and then met four more friends at the screening! I really enjoyed this movie, Lee got annoyed at Shinji being such a whiney bitch but I thought it made sense in context. The battle scenes were incredibly exciting (although way too loud, had to plug my ears) and the story was good enough that I want to watch the next two movies. I suspect it’s better for me to watch the anime in the movie format rather than all the episodes.

Grand Total of movies seen = 27 plus The Dark Knight
My picks for best movies of the festival, that people should definitely seek out when they come back to cinemas or out on DVD are:
In Bruges
Ben X (difficult to watch but well worth it)
The Complete History of my Sexual Failures (penis content may offend)
Max and Co (if it ever comes back…I’m still yearning to see U again.)
The Savages
And When Did You Last See Your Father? (This is bound to return, it stars Colin Firth after all.)
The Escapist (For everyone who liked Shawshank redemption
Jar City
Let the Right One In. (Scary. Disturbing. Awesome.)

….so yeah, good festival.

PoF: not quite warm enough
CO: all I want to do is play Rock Band


One thought on “Last day of the Film Festival

  1. FWIW there are another 3 movies to come, each roughly covering 6 episodes of the series.
    Also, the movies really focussed on explaining why Shinji’s whining is central to the plot i.e. doing something that you choose to do vs ordered to do 🙂 This won’t help if it annoys you, but there may be some comfort in knowing it is designed to annoy you and it is for a reason 😀

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