*waves* Still here

Sorry it’s been a while since I posted, I’ve been back at work, which has been crazy busy because of some media coverage of the not-so-hot kind. I’d rather not get into it really. Not in such a public forum. This was all not helped by the high number of staff absences. Goddamn you winter

So, Wednesday afternoon off. I have done the dishes and vacuumed and bought myself some snacky treats did washing and folded dry washing and listened to 30 Seconds from Mars and Tori and I’m feeling kind of lightheaded actually.

I had an anxiety dream this morning about my Prime Time Adventures game, based on In character stress from conversations Sam had with his Real World friends and a ‘next episode’ flash forward that Svend came up with. I don’t think I’ve ever had roleplaying anxiety dreams before, so it’s probably just a reaction to the super busy work shifts. Or something else. Who knows?

I am getting excited about having the ending of What’s the Worst The Could Happen? in sight. I have been trying to do a little writing or typing each day and thanks to some discussion with The Lovely Rachel on lj I have some clear ideas of things I want to work on in the re-write.

Update on the Montauk monster, which has made its way onto the Colbert Report (short video, very funny.) (Link from Cleo, who truly provides the best linkspam of all.)

Also! I got some mail from darling Giffy yesterday which made me smile. I *heart* you Giffy!

PoF: Zawesome stories
CO: I think the Southerly is here.


One thought on “*waves* Still here

  1. I *heart* you too Jenni!
    I’m currently doing a bit of embroidery at work etc, so will not be able to start on next letter until that is done. I’m thinking about it though 😉
    Sorry to hear about work/roleplaying stress.
    Glad to hear novel is going well.

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