Things I Love Thursday

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  • Swing! Last night I learned the Jitterbug Stroll, another swing line dance thingie, that we’re assured we’ll get to do at the Windy Lindy. To see what it looks like, check out this nifty demo. Lee hated it, but I thought it was a good workout. I can’t do Suzie Q’s at all though…. That youtube account headoverheels is all kinds of awesome. Must watch some more and check out some new moves.
  • I am a bit sad that the film festival is over, but it’s also nice to get back to routine and have evenings in on the couch or roleplaying again. I’m also happy that I saw so many high quality films this year.
  • Communication. This week I’m really appreciating the world wide web for keeping me connected to old work friends, people on the far side of the world and people I’ve never even met. This is truly an awesome time to live in.
  • Being cast as a lead character in Conan’s TV project…so exciting! I have all sorts of outfits planned for my character and I’m really looking forward to the project, working with my friends and new friends and! Just so cool.

    Also these things:

  • Via Cleolinda, Gorrillas found! Not so endangered as previously thought!
  • Cleolinda�s recap of Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer, the fourth book and conclusion to the teenage vampire romances I have such a love/hate relationship with. I love this recap so much, and it only took me an hour to read as opposed to the long long book.
  • Why you shouldn�t Date a tyrannosaurus.

Honourable mentions: snail mail, the song ‘Go with the flow’ by Queens of the Stone Age which I learned from Rock Band. Pictures of kittens, candy that tastes like peaches, milk chocolate, new wool socks, Nick, Sass, Steve, C, Svend, Chelle, Zephf, all the Jasons and Mr Elric.

PoF: Gizmo
CO: singy throat needs moisture


7 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. Aww yay 🙂
    I too am excited about Conan’s project! Going to be so fun to work on something creative with other folk for a bit! Yay!!!
    I am sorry I am missing dessert, rockband and friends, but then I look at the clock, it’s 5 to 8 and I am thinking I have only another 20 minutes of coherent consciousness before I zzzz out for the night. ahhh sleep.

  2. I am so jellus of so many things on your list! Shall have to make my own TiLT list of awesome 😉
    Also, in synchronicity, I started reading cleolinda’s breakdown of Breaking Dawn yesterday. So good!
    – Thinking of all the awesome places I’m about to go and visit.
    – Knowing that I only have 7 days of work left until I go on holiday until Next Year!
    – Knowing that we have enough money to go on holiday until Next Year!
    – Knowing I have made people happy by sending them stuff.
    – Knowing I have stuff being sent to me.
    – Having a cool flatmate who doesn’t hate us at all for moving out early.
    – Having friends who will lend us their car, store our stuff and let us stay with them.
    – Babies. Being a faux aunty is awesome. Extra cool knowing my Mum and Dad are enjoying being faux granny and grandpa too.
    – Chocolate muffins for breakfast.
    – Lovely hubbly who does laundry, dishes and grocery shopping.
    – My lunches. They are still good.

  3. Honourable mention *glow:)*
    Thanks for pie! I am also thursdayly thankful for: movie night (and movie night schnuggles;p), leftover cake, shoulder massage with my massage therapist who is made of awsum, an RPM class where I felt like I went hard enough, the fact that friday yaps closely at its heels:)

  4. I’m excited about having you working on the project! It’s going to be soooo cool. I just finished re-writes on the second episode… eeep!

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