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In my research travels, I have discovered an awesome site the Zombie Initiative a preparedness guide for the Zombie apocalypse. I found it because I was looking for ideas on how to fight off a crowd of zombies, but I really like the information on keeping yourself alive, food and water, etc. It’s all invaluable stuff I’m sure.

Unusual stuff I have researched for WtWTCH?: Electrodes and EEG, Ancient Egyptian amulets, fighting crowds of zombies, internet dating sites (handy research through osmosis as I learn on the job!).

Gala linked to this amazing site of terrible professional cakes, called Cake Wreck. I love it. I especially love the baby’s butt one. Oh so good.
The best thing is that I am excited by the action sequence I am writing right now and that means I am actually writing it. Glee!

I finished Monster Blood Tattoo book two last night. I really like the books, although they are a bit jargonny, they’re a good adventure, fantasy series with a moral conundrum at the heart. Are all monsters evil? Are all humans good? Plus, the author is awesome at strong female characters and that makes me happy. The art is all divine too, I’d love Europe’s outfits.

PoF: normal Saturday morning
CO: breakfast


10 thoughts on “Neat stuff

  1. I have a Zombie Survival Guide book that my mom sent me and it’s full of ideas. And very funny. It’s writte as a serious manual an is fairly hefty. If you want to borrow it, lemme know and I’ll bring it to you!

  2. I too have just finished the 2nd Monster Blood Tattoo book. I also love the strong female characters. Its kinda cute how the young hero in the book has no idea why the females around him are are acting so strange.
    Can’t wait for the next book to come out.

  3. Sok: Aren’t they awesome? Horse butt cake anyone?
    Jackie: Hmmmm….yes, maybe I would like to have a look at that book. Yes I would. I have zombies all through my book, I should do more research before I re-write it!
    Sam: I especially *loved* the bit where Europe was like, ‘who’s that girl watching us? I think she’s got a thing for you?’ and Rossamunde was like ‘Oh that’s just Threnody, she doesn’t like me like that, she just likes to be mean to me and spend all her time with me and act all weird. She’s very confusing.’ and Europe’s like *eyeroll*
    So so good. Must buy myself copies of them I think, it’s been ages since I read the first one.

  4. Have you watched a bunch of zombie movies as research? Would it be helpful to have a few suggestions from the floor? There’s a pretty huge range of approaches to zombies on film.
    My favourite aspects of zombie fiction tend to be the relentless, hard to destroy and massively numerous nature of zombie plagues, the way each person killed adds to the zombie hoard, and Romero’s awesome use of zombies as a pressure cooker disaster which reveals the true nature of the people trying to survive.

  5. To clarify, because I think I was misleading when I went ahead and mentioned Zomb-pocalypse, my novel isn’t about a world falling to a horde of zombies.
    I just have a couple of fight scenes that include zombies because the villains of my book are a gang of zombies and vampires who team up and do evil.
    So, yeah, it’s really not the focus of the book, and although I want the fights to be convincing I am unlikely to go and watch a bunch of scary horror movies (because I am a wuss, and I avoided all the zombie movies in the film fest because of a reason). I’ll just think about Shaun of the Dead and then get back to writing about how my lead feels about the guys in her life ;p

  6. Researchy, researchy, researchy, researchy. Researchy! (sung to the make-over, maker-over song from Clone High)
    Also, those books sound good. I shall borrow them if you buy them. How’s that for motivation?

  7. In that case I’d recommend ‘Reaper Man’ by Terry Pratchett as a novel with an awesome zombie in it. The wizard Windle Poons dies, but Death is unavailable, so Windle sticks around as a zombie. He finds that he needs to really concentrate to get his body moving, but he’s super strong, doesn’t feel pain, and has flawless access to all his memories (after an extended pre-death period of senility).
    Having zombies who are supernaturally strong, but are in varying states of decay could be lots of fun. Limbs or ears of other bodyparts falling or tearing off, then having to be retrieved to be stitched back on later – or stolen from unsuspecting members of the public. Having a rash of mutilations as a consequence of a supers fight with zombies is a little icky, but if they were mostly cosmetic things like ears and noses (which might be fixable with plastic surgery) and fake limbs being stolen from amputees, it could still be light hearted.
    I want to write zombie fiction now too!

  8. Reg Shoe is also a good Pratchett zombie. of course, apart from some rampart protesting in his ‘youth’ he’s more of a heroy-type zombie. of course, he unsettles those not used to zombies on account of the no-pain “what arrow? oh your mean *this* arrow, the one sticking out of my head! what of it?” type thing

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