Things I Love Thursday

  • Having ‘inside people’ at the library. It rawks to have someone looking out for books that you like and reserving them for you. I have in my hands, well, not literally because I am typing right now, but in my possession, the brand new Alice book, Almost Alice . I wonder what the last one will be called? Finally Alice? Alice for Damn Sure now? Forever Alice seems likely. The last Princess Diaries book is going to be called Forever Princess in the States.
  • Stashes of tasty (read: junk) food in my work drawers so that I can snack at will. Especially chippies and Beuno bars. Om nom nom.
  • Feeling motivated to write, thinking of new avenues I could try, getting stuff written and increasing the digital word count.
  • Dreaming about summer, the sun is getting higher in the sky and it�s staying up later. Summer…summer is coming… I want to spend time lounging on the grass at Waitangi Park reading and eating ice cream.
  • Imagining various futures for myself, seeing myself in different jobs, or imagining what I�d do all day if I was working from home as a writer (Dr Phil break, housework, etc).

Honourable Mentions: Matt and Debbie�s new version of the Entertainment Weekly Twilight cover….so good so good you will in fact LOL. New downloaded songs on Rock Band, improving at Swing dancing – learned two new moves this week in a �private lesson� uhm, reverse turning Charleston, where both partners turn out instead of in and something called a Johnny Stop (I think) which is super cool and fun and ends with a stomp.

PoF: black and tan
CO: throat soreness, I hope it’s not another sickness


6 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. TILT
    Cleaning up the kitchen then cooking something delicious. mmmm.
    Watching ‘The Nanny’ (eee guilty pleasure)
    Planning to meet you at Waitangi Park in summer for ice cream and reading.
    Oh actually the dreaming about alternate futures too ! This morning I wandered to work imagining I was actually heading for a late starting film shoot.

  2. Mmmm Summer. At lunch today I tried to fool myself that it was really close as I didn’t wear my coat out & didn’t feel that I needed. I did however have on my double layer of merino, suit jacket & pashmina which may have helped ;p

  3. TiLT
    – The Matt EW Cover totally makes my list. So LOL. (the link is broken though)
    – Leftovers from yesterdays delicious dinner are featuring in my lunch leading to yummy lunch and superfast packing time!
    – Sunshine… omg it is actually sunny for the first time in over a week. I bask.
    – Swing: We know the Charleston already, is fun 🙂 I think we learned the Johnny Stomp too… or something involving a stomp at the end. The Shorty George is a move that gives me no end of delight. So silly.
    – Holidays!! So many coming up 🙂
    – Bean Dip. I don’t actually have any today as I ate it all earlier on in the week, but I still love it.

  4. TiLT:
    -getting the interwebz sorted at home
    -working from home so didn’t get too bored when sick
    -schnuggles and rolling with ma homies:)

  5. Your word count is getting highly impressive and having insiders at the library does sound good.
    You’re very virtuous for enjoying imagining doing housework if you got to stay home all day. For me fantasing about working from home generally revolves around not having to go out in the cold or getting to slob around in PJs when you can’t bothered getting dressed.
    TILT (a day late)
    – Rewatching Silly symphonies cartoon on Youtube. Disney was so subtle in the political stereotypes in early cartoons. 🙂 still vintage cartoons are fun. My favourites are three little pigs and Lambert the sheepish lion.
    – Snack fiction. I haven’t read always read a lot of young adult fiction but it is good to have some fast, lightweight reading.
    -Inventing new baby games with Dom and getting to act like a crazed kids’ TV presenter for an appreciative audience
    -Being warm inside during stormy weather
    -Looking forward to weekends with gaming and possibly delicious baking

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