2nd cold of the winter

Compare and contrast the two colds I’ve had this winter.
Last month’s cold started with sneezing and encroaching brain fuzz. This cold started with two days of sore throat. I prefer last month’s cold.

Last month’s cold drained my energy and took away my appetite, same as this month’s cold. No difference.
Last month’s cold made me emotional and delicate. This month’s cold I have found myself reverting to childhood a little. Last night, while half asleep in front of the TV I wanted to play with my paper dolls. I also recall fondly childhood illnesses where my Mum would bring me all my picture books and I would sit up in bed or on the couch with a blanket and read all those familiar stories. I prefer: this month’s cold.

Last month’s cold did not prevent me sleeping, I was able to sleep straight through the night with the aid of Vick’s. This month I am waking up every couple of hours to blow nose, cough, sip drink, pee. I am definitely preferring last month’s cold in this case.

My sinuses hurt, my snot is bright colours, playing a long song on Rock Band drums last night nearly made me pass out. I have shared with you too much. I’m sure you will join me in despairing wishing for last months’ cold instead of the one I caught this month.

On the up side I have lemon barley cordial, and that makes me feel comforted. Plus baths, and vaporub to look forward to tonight.

Oh yeah, my life is one big rock concert!


5 thoughts on “2nd cold of the winter

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever been sick more frequently than I have over the past year or so, so I feel your pain;p My cough-that-just-keeps-giving says hello to your brightly coloured snot btw.
    I also say, Airwaves gum, your eucalyptus is teh awesome.
    I wish you a month free of coldliness and may there not be another type of ailment waiting in the wings.

  2. Heh I’ve got the sore throat cold too at the mo – wonder if we shared it last weekend – what is the hibernation period of a cold? Tis sucky esp when there is must Rock Band to be played. This has lead to a tonne of throat lozenges & lots of drinking which I agree does lead to much middle of the night peeing. I think that my standard nasal spray telnase has helped with drying the cold up a bit however it does tend to run at the most inconvient times i.e. in the middle of strumming “go with the flow” or “Enter Sandman” I am incredibly tired too but again that could be too much rock band along with the blisters & sore muscles. Hope you start to feel better soon *hugs* Am off to bed…

  3. Thinking further, I think I have a combination of your colds as I also have the brain fuzz. Started with some incredibly blonde moments late last week (ending with forgetting to add this to the above comment thus needing to add two ;p)

  4. Chelle, I should have said, but I do have brain fuzz with this cold too, it just came on slower.
    Giffy: I don’t know what the count is up to. It just seems like this one came on so fast after the last one.

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