Tuesday of unexpectedness

I had expected to be well enough to go back to work today, but it didn’t turn out so good. Still with the brain fuzz, nose running and now gunk coughing up! Last night I was still pretty bad as well, so I figure one more day at home to really kick this bug and then I will be well again.

I’m pleased I did because I ended up reading all about EFT and trying out some ‘tapping’ and I don’t know if it’s had any effect, but I feel good about it, so that’s a reason to keep doing it.

EFT I learned through Gala Darling and the website for the guy who invented/refined it here. I was encouraged to do so by Sokky’s report that it had worked for her mother. (I *heart* Sokky’s mother. And Sokky too.)

Actually, I lie, I have had a benefit from it. I’ve been frustrated with myself not writing anything new since last Monday, so I tapped on ‘even though I am not motivated to finish my novel I love and accept myself’ and this afternoon, between drinks breaks, coughing and snot removal I wrote 16 new pages (A5 notebook) of stuff. I usually manage an average of 6 pages of new stuff and am pleased with myself if I get to 10-12 so 16 was an impressive effort. So, maybe this EFT does really work.

I also received a gift in the mail, so happy happy Jenni! I wrote Giffy a love letter, partly to expand on Things I Love Thursday (you know, dwell on the good stuff) and partly because she had written one to me, and her responses to that were lovely. Made me cry a little wee bit. I’m surprised, but her being on the other side of the world has made us even closer I think, because our letter writing is so open and honest, not so much like when we were writing letters in university and it was all “and then I went to a dance, and then I went to a movie, psychology class is fun!!!!”

Also, she sent me a kick-ass tshirt that says ‘Rock Princess World Tour’ on it. Giffy is hereby made of win. And a postcard from Erik! With a hilarious tiny cartoon strip on it! I LOLed.

I also LOLed at this write up on Defamer about how Dan Radcliffe has dyspraxia. Love love love that article writer. (Link from cleolinda. Really need to work out some new sources!)

I leave you with this video, animated poetry by Billy Collins, called ‘Forgetfulness’ and the promise that if you are very good I will post a sneak preview of What’s the Worst That Could Happen? on this blog tomorrow.

PoF: Brown
CO: being a writer


6 thoughts on “Tuesday of unexpectedness

  1. You could tap “In the future, when I don’t have motivation to finish my novel, I will still….”
    love myself without judgement is something else you might want to try. I’ve done some reading, and apparently ‘without judgement’ is quite good as well. I use it a bit more when I’m tapping about my body, because I judge myself and then make myself feel guilty. But if you judge yourself for not having motivation, that could help you.

  2. Matt: you know that the more comments I get the more likely it is that I will actually post it right?
    Sproke: I’m pretty good at not judging myself, but the ‘in the future’ one is a good one. I didn’t know you did EFT!

  3. I am made of win! I would say that writing is making us closer. It gives us the opportunity to discuss private feelings issues that can be difficult to do/say face-to-face.
    Also, even when we are in the same city we don’t actually see each other privately very often. We are generally with other people or actively engaged in an activity. Not the best place/time for heart-to-hearts. I remember you and I driving up the coast one time together and we had a good talk and afterwards we both commented/blogged that we had a good time talking and being together.
    This isn’t just you and me, but with other people too. Plus, our friends group is so large it is almost no ok to just hang out in a group of 2.
    Is interesting stuff.
    Love you lots!

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