Things I Love Thursday

  • Old Tori songs. It had been ages since I listened to Scarlet�s Walk and when I put it on again it was like I was seeing an old friend again. The melodies, the lyrics, the gently measured percussion. It all filled me with happiness.
  • OK, I�m really new to it, but I have to mention EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). As I�ve said I think they do work, even if it�s just because you are admitting to yourself that there is a problem and you are telling yourself that you love and forgive yourself. I can�t remember ever saying those things out loud to myself before. The first time I tried it, using Gala�s demo video I actually teared up a bit the first time I said �I deeply and fully love and forgive myself�. Why are we so mean to ourselves? We have to live with ourselves all the time! Plus, I�ve been super productive writing since I tapped on it.
  • Olympic….humour video of a gymnast taking it to the streets.
    ….prettiness photo of the moon and the torch.
    …fashion? Lucy Liu‘s fashion spread is all sorts of awesome. I especially want the archery outfit and the Javelin red dress.

  • Web stuff….News reporting of lost turtles!
    Whipping this happens in a Laura Ingalls Wilder book. Kinda.

    From Svend Oktapodi, a short romantic action movie starring octopuses. It won the best PC animated short last year and is pretty darn adorable.

Honourable mentions: Lemon Barley cordial (hot and cold), warm feet, my friends, being productive writing wise, assembling outfits for my Winding City character, Nick saying ‘Jesus’, Burger Fuel being so very close and so very delicious, presents from Giffy, sunshine on the couch that I can bask in.

PoF: comfy
CO: my feet are cold


One thought on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. Fully agree on the Tori.
    Lucy Liu could wear almost anything and look hot.
    Whipping is fun. Let me know if you want to try it sometime! *grin*

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