Romeo and Juliet

Unexpectedly I was taken to the ballet last night. Big thanks to Sokky and her mother-in-law-to-be for taking me!

It was the Royal NZ ballet doing Romeo and Juliet and it was divine.

I love the music, Prokofiev’s score is so full of my favourite classical pieces of all time that it’s a delight just to listen to. The story was set in Italy with inspiration from La Vie e Bella as well as Baz Luhrman’s movie (a little bit) and the set design was lovely, crisp and pretty and to the point. The costumes were also lovely with calculated use of bright red to highlight important characters.

Amy Hollingsworth danced Juliet and she was perfection, she just inhabited the role completely. Romeo was also good, but I kind of preferred the dancing of Benvolio and Mercutio. Mercutio was basically Puck, which was a little unexpected but made sense. His comedic stuff was awesome.

I figured out it was at least the fourth time I’ve seen Romeo and Juliet danced, and I have enjoyed it every single time. Here’s what I remember about the previous shows:

– The time Ou Lou danced Romeo, the setting was period Elizabethan.
– The Russian Opera ballet performed it set in a facist regime with Orwellian big brother stuff going on
– A couple of years ago with some one very hot playing Romeo and some of the same set as the current performance.

Today I have written a whole lot more new stuff. I have gone back to the smaller MoleSkine notebook since I’m coming up to the end of the story, so page numbers are less impressive. I have however now completed the epic final battle against the Big Bads.

I have also had brunch out at Sweet Mother’s Kitchen and behaved badly to Lee, because I needed a nap. He went to play soccer and I had a nap. I feel kind of awesome now.

PoF: Rock Princess World Tour, thank you Giffy!


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