seriously WTF?

So, I had been tootling along and slowly getting better from my cold. Still have runny nose, still have the odd cough. Yesterday morning I woke up with achey legs and went off my food halfway through brunch.
Came home and had a nap and some panadol and the legs ache was gone, all good. Then in the evening I started feeling….off. No energy at all, distinct weakness in my limbs. I watched a DVD from the couch and fought to stay awake, eventually ended up completely horizontal and kind of moany.

Got into bed and had serious temperature issues: my face was too hot, I knew this, I could feel the flush and my eyes felt like they were drying out. But the rest of me wasn’t warm enough. I could feel that I was warm but I had goosepimples and shivering. I guess it was a fever, but where did that come from?

All night I dreamed incredibly vivid things about Giselle from Enchanted which is the DVD I watched, also about Daine because I am reading The Emperor Mage and a long involved dream about organising a picnic to take to the beach on the huge middair moving walkway bridge that leaves every 16 minutes. It included broccoli in a bread machine.

My stomach aches, my back and legs ache some from curling up all night trying to stay warm and although I would wake up too hot sometimes if I removed any blankets I would shiver again. Plus with all the sleep I got yesterday afternoon I want to keep sleeping so that my body can fight this off.
I’m done with being sick thankyouverymuch!

PoF: still sleepy
CO: water