Gigantic Whirlpool

After a completely useless Sunday in which I moved about like an eighty year old, moaned at Lee and was convinced I was sick enough to take a week off work I managed to get up on Monday morning and go to work.

After a Kapai salad at lunch I felt almost completely normal again: no trace of aches, just a bit of increased temperature and a slight sniffly nose. I went to bed early last night to make doubly sure and today I feel better again.

Weird body. Thanks to everyone who sent get better wishes, it was appreciated.

I have finished writing the big climactic battle/breakthrough moment for Shelley and have moved on to the emotional wrap up stuff in What’s the Worst That Could Happen? which is quite comforting to write really, not stressful like difficult vampire battles and hey, I love happy endings, so I’m happy I can make one happen. I’ve switched back to a Moleskine for this last part as there’s less to fill, but I have another A5 notebook for my next project.

I have also waxed my own legs with hot wax, which works a lot better than the premade wax strips and although it hurts a little more is worth it I think. Only thing is, it’s hard to do the backs of your own legs. And Lee won’t help. Anyone got any suggestions?

I finished reading The Emperor Mage and am now reluctantly reading Realms of the Gods, the last of the Daine books. Now, I love Tamora Pierce deeply, but I can no longer remain silent about the awful Mary-Sueness of the character of Daine.

Let’s see: she is special and unique because she is the daughter of a God and has Wild Magic, which means she can talk to animals. Everyone who meets her loves her, all the characters we know from the Alanna books love her, all the new characters love her and even some of the freaking villains love her. (See: Evil Emperor Ozorne who wants her to stay and look after his birds, because she is special and unique) Also, she actually has no flaws in her personality; she is good at everything,she is better than most at a bunch of things, she’s good and kind, etc etc. It bugs me, it really does, but at the same time I have such good memories of the books that I still love them, and even re-reading them now, I really enjoyed the first two. The third and fourth get a bit too twee and annoying but they’re still exciting and interesting.

So, I enjoy them still, but I’m really looking forward to re-reading the Kelladry books more. Kell is awesome *and* she has flaws.

PoF: Destination Earth
CO: EFT and finishing my longhand first draft

1 thought on “Gigantic Whirlpool

  1. I could never really get into the Daine books – I loved the Alanna ones Sooooooooooo much that it was a bit of a disappointment to me. I do like the Kel ones too, and those latest ones that I forget the name of but which came out a coupla years ago, but I’ve never tried the other couple of series she did because I feared they would also go the way of disappointment for me:(

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