Somewhat Swing this week….

  • New shoes click on product, womens, vintage and then scroll down to ‘Phiz’ in chocolate brown. So cute! They are for me to wear to the Windy Lindy, which is this Saturday, which I am very excited about!
  • My new dress, which we collected from my Angel-in-law on Monday night. Lee wasn’t immediately enamoured of my fabric choice, but I love it to bits.
  • Learning new dance moves, we started a level 2 class at Full Swing last night and it was awesome to learn all new partner-dance stuff. We did some swing out variations with ‘compression’, which is more or less when you lean into each other, a new six count move called ‘sugar pushes’ which is another lean in dance move, feels very weird when you’re starting out and doing it slowly but it looks good when you’re going a bit faster and actually moving to music. You can kinda see them here. We also bid a basket move called a ‘crossover’ and a neat six count which I don’t know the name of but involved the lead grabbing the follows hips from behind and spinning her backwards. Good fun!
  • Dancing with different leads. It’s really nice to dance with a taxi who you know has been doing this for years, and have them realise that you’re keeping up and that they can improvise a bit, and then you keep up with the improv and then they tell you that you did perfectly. *bliss*
  • Having fun dancing to cool music. I really like this bizarre (and presumably well known) song called ‘Cement Mixer’. Its lyrics are very very silly indeed. (“Cement mixer, putty putty”)
  • Charm school tomorrow night! I am so excited about this, we got an email with a list of all the things we need to bring. Must check if I kept my velcro rollers or if they were thrown out when we moved. I suspect the latter.
  • Synchronicity. In an interview yesterday the applicant said ‘I’ve realised you can either have a career or you can be a writer.’ I find that very true indeed. If I had to work overtime, be on call, come in to fix stuff on a day off, I’d never get any writing done. I’m happy the way I have things now I think, I’d like to have more time during the day to write, but I just can’t afford it.

Honourable mentions: In Bruges being released in New Zealand 06/11/2008, this worth photoshop contest that mixes fine art and movie imagery, socks, doing the laundry, snuggles and Holy crap these are the best My Little Pony mods in the world ever. Want the Batman and Robin ones!

PoF: swirl of the world
CO: I can smell delicious dinners


2 thoughts on “TiLT

  1. Cute shoes! Oooh & they do go up to 11 but I suspect the heel is a little higher than I would normally wear. Any plans for piccies of dress? Ooh & charm school – is it like a 50’s debutant kinda thing? What do you learn?

  2. Yep, I’ll put ball photos up on Facebook once I have ’em!
    Charm school is all about learning how to get the vintage ‘look’. Make up application and hair styling, 30 women, should be fun!

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